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Unified Control File – solutions for business

To provide support in implementing the Unified Control File, we have expanded our portfolio by UCF Platform and Sii UCF for AX , solutions that enable exporting the accounting data from most complex and diverse finalcial systems used by the clients. Thanks to our solutions you will be sure that all the requested data will be provided to the tax authorities in a  required form and on time.

Unified Control File

What is it and who does it concern?

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Finance, from the 1st of July 2016 companies will be obliged to provide financial data at the request of tax authorities in the form of structured XML files defined by the Ministry of Finance.

This term refers to large companies employing over 250 people and with an annual turnover of over 50 mln Euro (or total assets of over 43mln Euro). Other companies will be obliged to conform with this regulation starting from the 1st of July 2018.

Main areas of risk?
  • The final structure of the UCF was published in March 2016. Currently, not all procedures associated with generating and delivering files to the control authorities are clearly defined in the regulations.
  • Companies that have one integrated ERP system provided by  a leading manufacturer, will most likely receive a service pack which adds a functionality needed to generate the required files. In contrast, companies which use multiple systems for processing financial data, must ensure the implementation of an additional solution for generating such files, according to the rules and validations set by the legislator, on their own.

Would you like to know more about UCF and the changes starting from 1st July. Watch the debate of Sii experts. 

Our solution

Our platform helps minimize the impact of the risks jeopardizing  successful implementation of solutions for UCF generation by:

  • Using leading ETL solutions as an engine for generating files and system integration, which allows to provide the platform with data from any data source and its further aggregation into a common format.
  • Possibility of integrating the platform with source systems without the necessity of writing code. The entire process is carried out by analysts working with a graphic tool.
  • Thanks to the installation of the platform within the client’s infrastructure sensitive financial data does not leave the internal network before the generation of the XML file, while the implementation process itself is shortened as there is no need to connect the source systems with applications placed outside the corporate network.
  • Relying on trusted solutions, using ready-made components which minimizes the time required for the implementation of the solutions and the chance of occurring errors.
  • Providing a modular and extendable platform that allows to easily adapt the solution to the new legal requirements.
  • Using highly efficient and scalable components, allowing the processing of large amounts of financial data without serious performance impact on the source systems.

Principles of how the platform works

To make the process of generating files efficient and easy to adapt to the requirements of the organization and future changes in the regulations, we suggest implementing an external platform, which will be responsible for:

  1. Periodical extraction of data from source systems in various formats (e.g. XML, CSV, Excel, direct connection to the Database and access to the REST API or WebServices).
  2. Storage of the financial data in the internal data warehouse used as a unified data source to generate UCFs.
  3. Generating UCFs according to the requirements of the legislator and performing an initial validation of the generated data.

Verification and sending of files – separate modules

In response to different approaches to implementing solutions generating the UCFs, we have separated two modules of our platform, which can be implemented independently. If there is a need of implementing the entire platform, the modules are treated as integral parts of the system.


Module for validating the UCFs

The module for the validation of the UCFs, allows to check the XML files, generated by a different system, in order to verify the compatibility with the XSD scheme, published by the Ministry of Finance. The solution has a user friendly WWW interface and is prepared to match the requirements of the corporate environment.

Module for sending files

The module for sending files, allows to upload the file generated by a different system ( ERP, F/K), transform it according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance and send it to the legislator. The solution is equipped with a user friendly WWW interface.

Key elements of the platform implementation


During the implementation project we will present data requirements that are necessary to generate a correct UCF. Our specialist will assist your subject matter experts in identifying available data in the source systems.


Checking whether the source systems have all the required information, and whether you will need to modify your system and / or internal processes. This is a critical moment, as it might be very time consuming.

Platform deployment

At this stage our platform will be deployed to your infrastructure (the specification of the platform will be identified in the analysis phase). The platform already contains rules concerning validation and the correct UCFs generation based on data collected in the internal mini-data warehouse.

Parametrization of connectors

In this stage dedicated connectors to source systems will be created, which will be used for periodically uploading data to the platform, based on which UCF will be later generated.


All data stored on the platform will be secured, and only authorized users will have access to it.


UCF Platform Leaflet

If you would like to know more details about our UCF Platform, please download the free of charge materials.

A solution for AX

Sii Poland, a long term partner of Microsoft in the area of MS Dynamics AX, has prepared a dedicated solution Sii UCF for AX which allows to generate the Unified Control File in the AX system (3.0, 4.0, 2009 and 2012), not only for the standard versions of the solution but also for complex, customized systems, adjusted to the specific needs of a company.

How does it work?
What makes our solution unique on the market is the mechanism based on two engines, which guarantees the generation of a complete UCF file, containing all the information needed from the AX system. What is more, thanks to a prior functional analysis and the adjustment of the Sii UCF solution to the specific requirements of the AX system in your company, we eliminate the risk of making mistakes.

Our solution prepares the UCF files, according to the formats specified by the Ministry of Finance:

Accounting Books – JPK_KR
Bank Statements -JPK_WB
Warehouse Operations-JPK_MAG
Records of VAT Purchase and Sales
VAT invoices – JPK_FA

What makes us special:

The expertise of our team and a short time of implementation

We have a dedicated implementation team for the UCF solution, which is equipped with specialist knowledge about the requirements towards the UCF files defined by law. This has a direct impact on both the quality and the time of implementation.

Compliance with the law

The Sii UCF solution was created in cooperation with a law firm, in the scope of the interpretation of requirements defined by the Ministry of Finance.


the architecture of the Sii UCF solution enables its fast adjustments to the changing requirements.

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