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17 February 2016

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I joined Sii exactly in July 2012. I started as a Software Developer in the project for one of our hi-tech clients. I currently work as a Team Leader. The beginning of my career in Sii is associated with Agata Szwichtenberg who called me several times to finally arrange a first meeting. It worked, and then Tomasz Klamrowski invited me to a technical interview, after which I was hired.

At the beginning of my work in Sii, I developed software written in C, C++ and C# used for configuration and diagnostics of server motherboards. After several months of work in the team, I was promoted to the position of Team Leader, and after more than a year, I was transferred to another project which supports the same Client.

At that time, the new project needed support and I had to face this task as a Team Leader. I set myself a clear goal – to take corrective actions and put the project on the right track. A precise plan, consistency and work of the whole team allowed to achieve this goal. I am still involved in this project, and today both the project and the team are doing well. After another year, due to organisational and structural changes, a twin project was entrusted to me and I am responsible for both to this day.

What I like most in my work is that I can select my co-workers. In my opinion, work is an important element of life, but it is meaningful and gives satisfaction when goals are achieved through the effort of the whole team. Employees are the most important, and Sii employs a lot of great people, which is an added advantage :)

Personally I love my wife’s cooking who is perfect at baking and cooking. I will surprise you – I have three rabbits adopted from the Rabbit Relief Society. I think we should support adoption actions and help animals. Recently, I have also a new area of interest – I explore the secrets of brewing beer at home and read various sources on the subject. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll try to brew my own beer :)

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