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07 March 2016

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On the 7th of March 2016, the results of the second stage of the European Business Awards competition were announced. Sii was named the National Public Champion for Poland!

The title of National Public Champion was awarded to enterprises from 32 European countries. In a public voting for video-clips presenting company profiles along with their achievements on the national and international arena, a total of 160 000 votes were cast!

Now the National Public Champions from each country, will take part in the next stage of the competition – for the title of European Public Champion, in which, once again, it is the web users who decide, who will be named the best enterprise in Europe.

The voting starts on the 7th of march and will be open until the 26th of April. The enterprise which will gather the most votes, will be announced the European Public Champion during the official gala in Milan on the 17th of June.

We are very happy, that after we have been chosen the National Champion by the jury of the European Business Awards, now we were also chosen the best, by the web users. Thank you for every vote cast for Sii. Ahead of us is the next stage of the competition – for the title of European Public Champion. We hope, that this time, even more of our supporters will watch our film, and cast a vote for Sii.” – says Emilia Iwińska, Head of Marketing and Sales Support at Sii Poland.

European Business Awards is a prestigious competition, in which companies characterized by the most dynamic development and growth, with a decisive influence on the development of both the national and European economy are awarded.

You can cast your vote for Sii on the European Business Awards web page until the 26 th of April, by clicking on the flag of Poland and next on the “cast a vote” button, next to the Sii video-clip, or using the link below:

We encourage you to cast your vote!

You can find previous information about the participation of Sii in the European Business Awards  and the title of National Champion on the Sii Press Room Sii:

Sii Competes for Another Title in the European Business Awards Contest. Now It’s the Web Users Who Decide!

Sii Won the Title of National Champion

More about the European Business Awards under:

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