Software Development

Chain of Responsibility – an elegant way to handle complex validation

Data validation is a key aspect of almost any system, incorrect or hacked data can cause a lot of damage, restoring can cost a lot of time, money and stress. Properly designed system operates on on (więcej…)

Software Development

Top Visual Studio Extensions every .NET Developer should try

Visual studio is a powerful tool itself, but there is a lot of free and commercial extensions making a developer’s life easier. Below I put a list of extensions worth checking, hoping they fit your style of development: (więcej…)

Software Development

Cassandra with C# Fluent Query Builder

Cassandra is a popular NoSql database technology which allows an easy configuration of many instances (nodes) (więcej…)

Software Development / JavaScript

AngularJS 1.X – Zalety i wady

AngularJs jest jednym z najpopularniejszych frameworków JavaScriptowych umożliwiającym tworzenie zarówno prostych jak i skomplikowanych aplikacji client side w oparciu o architekturę MVC. (więcej…)