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SharePoint enables clients to create a few basic workflows using templates, e.g. document approval or feedback gathering. Workflows can also be created and modified with SharePoint Designer, but it may happen that this solution will turn out to be insufficient. As a WEBCON partner, Sii SharePoint Practice designs custom workflows using an innovative tool WEBCON Business Process Suite. We present to you a short summary of the product covering benefits of the decision to purchase a WEBCON licence.

WEBCON BPS offers a user-friendly, multilingual interface available through SharePoint and mobile devices. The system features a graphic editing software for creating forms, steps and workflows applicable to even most complex processes. Additionally, WEBCON does not use the SharePoint workflow engine and thus ensures greater efficiency and flexibility as well as lower development and administration costs.

WEBCON BPS – platform functions

The scheme presents the architecture of the solution:


Key WEBCONBPS functions:

  • Microsoft® SharePoint® used as an end-user interface makes it easier for the employees to adapt to the solution. Style and functions of the system can be adjusted to individual needs.
  • WEBCON Business Process Suite uses original workflow engine, responsible for correct and efficient interactions and task performance. Custom data base Microsoft® SQL Server® designed to store documents and the process course status allows to manage thousands of users and millions of documents.
  • Dual integration with client systems and Active Directory, as well as availability of the development interface and full data base documentation.
  • Custom scanners accelerate document registration in the system. Scans can be attached manually at the registration stage or automatically using barcodes.
  • Use of printers and one- and two-dimensional barcode readers helps to earmark documents, which facilitates further identification in the system.
  • A set of webparts allows to create task lists and documents, monitor the process progress and its Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and visualize information using graphs.


  • OCR mechanism (Optical Character Recognition) enables to search phrases in the content of documents and helps to automate document registration in the system.
  • Integration with faxes and mail boxes facilitates mail and invoice registration without need to print them.
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange makes it easy to notify end users and automatically update calendars and task lists.
  • WEBCON Business Process Suite Mobile Access allows to browse documents in the system, accept them or delegate tasks to co-workers using custom applications available for the following systems: iOS, Android, Windows.webcn bps

If custom workflows adjusted to your individual needs are something you are looking for, contact Sii Poland and learn more about our offer regarding business process modeling!

Iga Koprowska

She works in SharePoint practice as a Technical Writer. This is quite an unusual job for an English philology student, but it was at the university that she learned about this profession and decided to use her language skills to present difficult things in a simple way :)

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