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Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a seasonal trend or an added value?

10 września, 2018 0
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Since Microsoft introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 in November 2016, the product went viral, revolutionizing the enterprise process management. This innovative business solution is a compilation of two already well-known platforms – Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX. In response to market demand, the idea of two-system-merge has been based on the cloud model. With the introduction of a solution based on a comprehensive integration of CRM and ERP systems, we note a significant increase in interest to upgrade from AX 4.0 and AX 2009 versions. What benefits can users expect from the recent release? Is the upgrade genuine added value to our business? In response to these questions, we have prepared a set of most important information, showing whether it is worth investing in Microsoft solution.

In order to keep up with dynamic technological development, enterprises face a challenge typical of the 21st century – how to speed up and simplify internal business processes while improving the quality of services offered. Microsoft often has responded to the constantly changing expectations of the customers, and this time could not be otherwise. Modules and functionalities available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 came as a response to the growing demand for a more user-friendly experience. Shifting trends and growing expectations have led to the creation of the system that provides a thorough support for our business. The transparent ERP platform will help you make faster and more accurate decisions, saving time and increasing work efficiency, while intelligent CRM system will allow you to optimize the management of sales and marketing activities. Two platforms that were previously dispersed were embedded into one ecosystem.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports companies in ongoing relentless business race. Investment in modern technologies is an inseparable element of the company’s development. The competitive edge prompts constant optimization, automation and acceleration of business processes. Therefore, the response to market trends should be immediate, and the decisions taken, as accurate as possible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest solution promoted by Microsoft and at the same time a model already followed by legitimate mature organizations. Importantly, Microsoft’s investment in a new, progressive product is parallel with the expiration of product support for previous versions of the system. Support for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 will expire in October this year. The AX 2012 R2 will lose Microsoft’s assistance in September and R3 in December 2021. Thus, for medium and large size enterprises upgrade seems justified. Under an urgent need for consultation or assistance, Microsoft support may be essential.

Access to current data, flexible personalization model and platform available from web interface give you a glimpse of new functionalities introduced with Dynamics 365. The cloud model enables utter abandonment of server infrastructure and database environment management. The aforementioned activities, generating a great part of the company’s costs, were largely replaced by cheaper, faster and more efficient tool. Facilitated navigation through the system is possible from any place and tool. Mobility, availability and reliability of the new, updated platform will allow you to optimize the time of operations and manage scaling in real time. Undoubtedly, the greatest benefit from the upgrade will be experienced by AX 2009 users. The large technological leap of 365 version will allow the potential of new functionalities to flourish. Thanks to the intuitiveness of the new system, those familiar with the nomenclature of older versions will be able to navigate the new environment smoothly.

Upgrade is a long-term investment, but it strives to achieve long-term results. It allows minimizing the costs of infrastructure maintenance, using the potential of a modern business management model. If your objective is to pursue business opportunities both locally and internationally, I recommend taking a deeper insight into the possibilities offered by Microsoft. The Dynamics 365 version is especially important for companies that expect Microsoft support. It is a progressive product with a wide range of new applications. Companies preparing for the update, are strongly encouraged to carefully plan the changes installed. Assessing potential risks and benefits is crucial if we are to avoid hope dissolving into disappointment.

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