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The WEBCON company  organized a meeting in mid-June. Present and potential clients and partners like Sii were invited. During  two-day workshop a new version of BPS system as well as numerous interesting solutions were presented.

What’s new in WEBCON BPS

On the first day, the WEBCON team hinted at new functions and elaborated on them next day, showing details in practical and technical presentations conducted in three parallel thematic blocks. Every participant could find something for himself.


Changes in naming were the biggest surprise. WEBCON will no longer use numerical nomenclature. The version 8.4 will appear as WEBCON BPS 2016. The company plans to release two versions every year. Every second version is going to be signed with “R2” like Microsoft products.

The new naming is a good marketing move. User friendly name is an excellent alternative to a couple of numbers separated with a dot, especially if the company is interested in effective promotion of the software. New naming will also make business communication easier.webcon logo


Among the newest functions, new archiving action is worth highlighting. The action provides better workflow elements management. There are three levels of archiving:

  • Saving an element in other database,
  • Saving an element as a file – zip package containing attachments and XML files with element data,
  • Deleting a whole element form the content database.


Good adaptation of this action will result in better utilization of resources.

Business rules

Next interesting function introduced in the new system version are business rules. We know them as SQL queries which allow us to conditionally execute actions or steps. For example, they restrict that an action can be executed only if the information typed in the form date is higher than the current one.

With new rules engine, many actions will become simpler and clearer. We will be able to drag and drop ready-to-use commands like conditional (IF…ELSE) and just fill them with data. Implementing simple rules will become a task for power users. The rules engine will be provided with caching mechanism, making rules more efficient then SQL queries.


It’s not all! Rules can be saved for whole processes and made reusable. Any modification of a rule created this way will affect each instance of the rule. Don’t worry, we won’t completely get rid of SQL. It is still necessary to build complex queries. It will be upgraded with additional markers (curly brackets).

Other functions

The long-awaited translation tool can be found in the new functions as well. Users will be able to change existing translations or create new ones.

Yet another great function is a form preview. No more clicking through the whole process to see if the last form looks good.

A couple of new actions will also be added. Another attachment modifying actions and REST queries were introduced during the workshop.

Last but not least, an easy form function. It will allow us to modify classic forms For instance, it will be possible to move attachment section to the top of the page. If you’ve ever used attributes groups, you will be happy with attribute tabs. Form designer will allow you to place tabs in the wanted position.


Form configuration


Customized form


Apart from the changes in WEBCON 2016, best practices relating to resources management  as well as many useful workflows were presented at the WEBCON Days conference. WEBCON clients showed how they used the product, including unique workflows like CRM, business cards OCR, fax and correspondence registration or car fleet management. They presented advantages as well. Reduced processing time, information coherence and  cut down paper document flow are common business benefits brought by WEBCON BPS.

All those functions will make business process implementation easier and mark out new possibilities. We just need to wait for the official release of the WEBCON BPS 2016.

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