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IT is a backbone of every financial institution as it guarantees their efficient operating and instant addressing clients’ demand for rapid interaction and bespoke offering. Sii Poland has over 9 years of systems integration experience (including SOA and BPM systems) and strong expertise in mobile applications, which allow us to help our clients in running their business effectively and manage internal processes as well as communication ones with use of remote devices.


Another important subject for the Banking Industry is the instant access to up-to-day data and ability to predict future. Also in this field, Sii Poland supports its clients by offering Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions along with automated predictive analysis. Our expertise, combined with knowledge gained when conducting multiple R&D projects, inspires new solutions and enables us to put into action most innovative ideas of our customers.


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Why Sii Poland?

  • 2000 IT engineers in various fields.
  • Over 400 consultants with practical knowledge of the Financial Sector, both business and technological aspects.
  • Large resources of consultants, architects and developers with the sector expertise.
  • Over 20 M Euro revenue generated yearly from the sevices provided to Financial Sector .
  • Competence Centers supporting our clients with well-established knowledge and modern solutions.
  • 8 Delivery Centers which provide 24/7 IT support.


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