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About the client

A state budget unit established by the Minister of Health, which creates and implements wide-ranging IT projects, crucial for the functioning of the health care system in Poland. It manages over 50 ICT systems and provides digital services and solutions supporting the work of medical professionals, making it easier for citizens to manage health matters. The unit employs over 350 experts working in various areas.

The challenge

Due to the company’s rapid development and an increasing number of employed experts, especially in the IT area, there was a need to organize and standardize the existing job descriptions and create a pattern for the ones in the future. The unit also lacked a unified competency model supporting the assessment of candidates applying for a given position, as well as a coherent assessment of employees in the entire organization. It was also necessary to verify the salary levels of specific positions with market practice and salary databases, in order to meet the requirements of the competitive IT market.
The whole solution had to be coherent with the organization’s statute and specific legal regulations. The process itself had to consider and involve the managerial staff; offer them knowledge, practice and tools to use on a daily basis.

What we did

  • Proposed and implemented a coherent and unified job description model.
  • Presented the process of creating job description cards for all existing and upcoming positions in the organization, taking into account gradations from junior to director positions.
  • Implemented a competency model to be used in the organization, according to the unit’s individual needs:
    • Conducted workshops with managers and defined the target list of competencies required in the organization.
    • Described all competencies along with their definitions and behavior indicators on a scale from 1 to 5.
    • Carried out the process of assigning selected competencies and their levels to all positions in the company.
    • Created a competence matrix, based on the employee competency assessment.
  • Proposed a job evaluation process based on an analytical and point-based method, taking into account the organization’s individual needs and expectations.
  • Assessed job positions with the organization’s evaluation committee.
  • Compared the results of job evaluation with the market, verifying the salaries of individual positions with salary databases.

Benefits for the client

  • Organized job descriptions clearly defining tasks and responsibilities of each position, whether in terms of recruitment or defining career paths.
  • Implementation of tools, which define the competency gaps for individuals and entire departments, and using the given results to define the training policy.
  • Possibility to verify and modify the salary thresholds for individual positions, which enables the company to increase its competitiveness as an employer.
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