Energy and Utilities

Two main forces – market deregulations and fierce competitiveness – shape today’s Energy Industry and create the challenges for the Companies of the Sector: increased profitability, best-in-class service quality, maximized efficiency of delivering energy as well as loyal customers.


Sii Poland dynamically responds to the market demands; we develop advanced IT solutions which enhance various business processes of Energy companies. What is more, with a meticulous care, we develop a coherent IT-business environment which allows matching cost-effective IT solutions with individual needs of clients as well as immediate launching of the new features. Sii Poland proved to be a prolific business partner which with an extensive expertise in the Utilities Industry is capable of catering for individual needs of the most demanding clients.


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Why Sii Poland?


  • Practical knowledge of the Energy and Utilities Industries stemming from numerous realized projects.
  • Team of highly-skilled specialists keeping abreast of the latest trends in Utilities Industry.
  • Wide portfolio of clients of various Industries, which allows us to create innovative solutions enhancing the performance and growth of companies of the Energy and Utilities Industries.
  • The ability and willingness to share knowledge.
  • Skills and experience of Sii Project Managers, Analysts and Architects, which guarantees seamless delivering of most complex projects.


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