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Healthcare is an industry where the decision-making process is highly complex and possible mistakes might have critical consequences. Recently, AI systems appeared capable of quick comprehension of large sets of information that might empower medical and pharmaceutical specialists to draw valid conclusions, resulting in faster and more reliable decisions. Join us to learn more about the capabilities of such AI tools and discuss the future of healthcare.




  • Welcome speech by Olivier Jarry

  • A Guide to Big Data Analytics Tools in Technology Transfer by Kleanthis Mazarakis

    15 min

  • How Sartorius uses machine learning to quantify biology by Rickard Sjögren, PhD

    15 min

  • Applications of NLP for Clinical Data by Marcin Mosiołek

    15 min

  • Predictive Site Selection (PSS) by Vladimir Tsutskhvashvili

    15 min

  • Q&A Session moderated by Olivier Jarry


  • Olivier Jarry
    Global Life Sciences & Consumer Health Executive | Customer-Centric Strategist | Digital Transformation | Growth Markets Builder
    Olivier leverages 30+ years of passion improving health and living standards throughout Western / Eastern Europe, the Americas and Asia and creating sustainable, profitable growth, organically and inorganically, in the Life Sciences, Consumer Health, Nutrition and Consulting industries. He assembles talented, successful and diverse teams to address unique business or societal challenges. Olivier is currently heading Strategy & Business Development for DarioHealth, a digital therapeutics company supporting people with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

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Meet the speakers

Kleanthis Mazarakis, Senior Data Scientist at Sartorius

Kleanthis joined Sartorius in September 2019, as a Data Scientist in the division of Data Analytics, based in London UK, and since then he has been helping customers from the Pharma Industry analyze their data and make informed decisions. Before joining Sartorius, he worked as a Data Scientist for OSIsoft, where he had the opportunity to assist customers from various industries in their Digital Transformation journey. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, as well as a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College, London.

Rickard Sjögren, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Sartorius

Rickard has a background MSc in bioinformatics for biotechnology engineering from Umeå University, Sweden, where his thesis was about co-expression network analysis of omics-data. After his MSc, he worked as a software developer in a research group at Umeå University for two years developing data visualization software for biological data analysis. He then did his Ph.D. in computational science in the same research group where he studied ways to combine machine and deep learning with chemometrics. Rickard joined Sartorius in 2018, working as a machine learning research scientist in the Advanced Data Analytics team of Sartorius Corporate Research. He is now leading a small research team in Sartorius Corporate Research that uses modern machine learning to develop new product concepts and provide new capabilities to Sartorius instruments.

Marcin Mosiołek, AI Architect at Sii Poland

Marcin is an AI Architect with over ten years of experience collected in various machine learning projects, including natural language processing and computer vision. In his daily job, he converts the latest academic research into operating products and leads teams of AI experts. Marcin is currently working on an unstructured documents understanding and semantic search engine for the polish language. Both projects touch multiple areas of NLP, such as coreference resolution, unsupervised learning for sentence embeddings, document deduplication, etc. Previously, he built AI solutions for medical documents verification and many computer vision projects, such as the perception module of an autonomous car, including object detection, visual object tracking, etc.

Vladimir Tsutskhvashvili, IT Business Partner at Patient Engagement Network at Genentech/Roche

For the past 5 years, Vlad has been leading the strategic initiatives in the Medical Affairs space, helping to make a shift towards a patient-centric mentality by applying ML and predictive analytics to improve productivity, efficiency, and patient experience in Clinical Trial and Patient Safety areas. Vlad has a Bachelor's degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and a Master's from the University of San Francisco. He spent close to 2 decades in the financial industry and was part of the customer-centric transformation of the industry, the experience he is able to apply in the Big Pharma industry.

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