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Hi-Tech sets out the standards of innovation and competitiveness in today’s world. Thus, the recent upsurge in popularity of NFC, TSM, EMV, Mobile ID, M2M, Identity and Access, Smart Cards and Secure Connections is not only the sign of the times, but also an expression of attentiveness towards effective operating of a company.


Expansion of Sii Poland’s competences is in line with the emergence of novel solutions in Hi-Tech. Thanks to preferable GEO localizations of Sii Delivery Centers gathering over 2000 highly-skilled engineers, we can provide our clients with an everyday support to thrive in the market by boosting their capacity, making expected savings and increasing their profitability. Specialists at Sii effectively support not only local but also international clients.


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Why Sii Poland?


  • Long-term cooperation with Polish and International key players in Hi-Tech.
  • Experience and specialist knowledge of Sii engineers: 450 architects, Project Managers, developers, testers.
  • Wide portfolio of clients – the leaders of Hi-Tech Sector.
  • Created to satisfy customers’ needs Offshore Development Center (ODC), Testing Center i R&D Practice.
  • Affordable localization of Sii Delivery Centers.
  • Strict adherence to highest security standards, including Common Criteria Certificate.


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