Optimization of internal processes, mainly in the area of Policy Administration and Claims Management, while maintaining the highest level of customer service, conditions the success of Insurers. By utilizing technological capabilities, the Insurance Companies can increase their performance, define novel insurance products and sell them in the most convenient for the customer way: direct selling, bancassurance or mobile channel. Thus, IT acts as both the catalyst of innovation and the enhancer of internal processes.


The vast expertise in IT services gained while realizing numerous projects for the dominant Insurance Companies in Poland, makes Sii Poland a robust business partner for the Insurance Industry which, apart from the profound knowledge, displays understanding towards the specific needs and expectations of customers.


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Grzegorz Brzostowski
Grzegorz Brzostowski Business Unit Director | BU Insurance to@domain

Why Sii Poland?

  • Incisive industrial knowledge in the area of  Life and Property and Casual Insurance.
  • Broad experience in cooperation with Insurance Companies and Brokers.
  • Deep domain expertise: claims management, insurance policy management, settlements, insurance products definition, premium calculation, sales support.
  • Comprehensive experience in delivering front- and back-office projects.
  • Numerous satisfied clients.
  • High analytical and productive capacity.

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