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Software Tester

Location: Lublin

The challenges waiting for you:

The key responsibility of a Tester is to conduct both manual and automated tests of software products. The type of software test can vary from testing mobile apps or testing the user interface of a web based or standalone application to testing a streaming service, dataware house or reporting testing.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Analyze Specifications. Before they begin performing any tests, Testers will need to review and analyze the specifications of the software. This involves going over code, familiarizing oneself with the software’s objectives and evaluating the system requirements.
  • Develop Tests. After they’ve analyzed the software’s specifications, Testers must collaborate with Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers, Test Analysts and Test Managers to develop comprehensive test plans. Those plans will be used as the blueprint for the testing process.
  • Execute Tests. Once they’ve supported the development of an effective testing plan, Testers will execute the tests. These tests can be either automated or manual, and they can test the software as a whole or just part of it.
  • Document Bugs. As each test is executed, Testers will be required to record bugs, glitches and other flaws in great detail. This documentation will later be used by developers to fine-tune the software product.
  • Troubleshoot Issues. Often, Testers will need to do more than just identify bugs; they’ll also need to help developers think of ways to fix those bugs.
  • Re-Test Software. Even after a software product has been released.

Required skills:

  • Successful Testers are meticulously detailed individuals with a high degree of focus. 
  • Testers must have software knowledge, become familiar with the type of software they’re going to be testing and understand the technology behind it. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively work with cross-functional teams.
  • Have excellent attention to detail to identify even the most well-hidden bugs.
  • Because such a large portion of their job relies on recording and reporting the problems they find, Testers must have advanced documentation skills.
  • Testers will need to work with developers and other colleagues to find solutions to the glitches they find. Because of this, it’s important that Testers have strong problem-solving skills.

Why it's worth to join Sii?:

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