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Do you want to provide the users of your service with comfortable and uninterrupted access to data? Do you need a fully functional and safe tool for uploading, editing, sharing and backup of content?

A well matched, implemented and configured Content Management System (CMS) can meet both needs The right preparation of content administrators is also not without significance.

Complicates? Leave it to use, we will take care of everything!

Systems supporting e-learning platforms are a special kind of CMS. In this case knowledge base management is crucial for achieving a high learning effectivity. Sii implements standard popular solutions (e.g. Moodle) as well as develops original platforms – in closed instances or accessible to a wide group of users.

Sii specialists will take care of adjusting the CMS system to the specific character of your service. They will take into account all aspects of the services provided, leaving the room necessary for its future development. No matter If you decide to take advantage of a ready-made and tested CMS solution or create a system especially for you – you can count on us.

Chosen technologies

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