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Improve your communication with the Clients using electronic forms. Get rid of printed documents and the cost generating scanning process. Thanks to Sii Smart Forms you will gain a friendly and intelligent communication channel with your company – Clients with a friendly attitude will come back to you with pleasure. Among all benefits sourcing from using our solutions, the most important are:

Open architecture and simple integration


The Smart Forms solution was prepared with a focus on open architecture. The construction of the system complying with this mindset enables the expansion of the platform, and allows to add new or modify the output of already existing functionalities with ease.


The system provides access to functionalities which can be consumed in order to use Smart Forms functionalities by other applications in your enterprises.

Zwinny silnik formularzy elektronicznych


Smart Forms electronic forms engine gives vast possibilities and flexibility in preparing a functional screen for the end user. The work connected to the preparation of the form does not require the knowledge of IT tools nor technical knowledge.

BPM SmartForms screen

Key possibilities:

  • The possibility of building forms with the use of an internet browser. A wide array of ready-made components, including:.
    • text boxes , tabels, iterated fields, date fields,
    • validations, field dependence, visibility adjustment,
    • calculated fields ,
    • sections, multipage forms,
    • dynamic filling in of fields with dictionary data or data sourcing from system services,
    • filling in PDF templates with data from a form,
    • storing data from the form in a data base, protection against the loss of inserted data.
  • The possibility of creating new components according to business needs,
  • Responsive user interface – form accessibility also through mobile devices.


Clients using the form engine technology, employed by Smart Forms:


BPM SmartForms loga

Efficient business process execution platform


Smart Forms uses the Camunda BPMS platform. Camunda is a light and highly efficient business process engine, in the Java language. It fits perfectly into IT needs, it is easy expand and it is  constantly, actively developed by Camunda services GMBH.

BPM Camunda tabelka


Camunda allows to describe business processes, decisions and cases, this way fulfilling the most important standards defined by Object Management Group for Business Process Management.

Thanks to the employment of standards in the description of business processes, the definitions prepared on the Smart Forms Platform, can be transposed to a different solution, compatible with the BPMN 2.0. notation.


Recommended use


  • Filling in of on-line applications by clients or potential clients:
    • banking, insurance, leasing.
  • Contact forms, complaints, reporting of defects.
  • Internal use:
    • leave applications, settlement of business travel expenses,
    • HR processes.