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10 years and almost 500 people – Sii Wrocław has two reasons to celebrate

10 years have passed since the establishment of Sii Wroclaw. Currently, the company’s branch in Lower Silesia counts 480 specialists, occupies 2 floors of the Sky Tower in Wroclaw and is still growing. What contributes to its success and what are the further plans for the company development?

Sii Wroclaw’s experts carry out projects for global brands from automotive, bio-tech, finance and telecommunications industries. Branch engineers work, among others, on real-time DNA image analysis software, transport management application or smart home system. Interesting international projects are one of many elements that attract IT specialists to Sii.

– I think that the possibility of development offered by Sii is very important for employees: an option to change a project or a customer we work for. For this aim the company introduced a dedicated process – Job Changer, which I had also the opportunity to use. Non-financial bonuses are also important. In my opinion, one of the most interesting is the passion sponsorship program. Each year, Sii gives PLN 300 000 to support our hobbies from interest groups (for example, for runners) to motorbike trips around the world – says Piotr Guzik, Business Solutions Architect who has been working in the company since 2009.

Further development

Despite the huge competition on the IT market in Wroclaw, called the Polish Silicon Valley, the branch is constantly growing. At the end of the summer, the company will expand the office by 500 m2, creating work places for the next experts.

– Due to the new projects run for our customers, we are currently conducting about 90 recruitment processes. We are looking for, among others, automation testers, front-end developers and architects – BI and Cloud – says Ewa Kędzior, Recruitment Manager at Sii Wroclaw

A new opportunity for celebration is soon to be found in Wroclaw. – We are planning to exceed the number of 500 experts in the nearest future – adds Ewa Kędzior.

All Sii Wroclaw job offers can be found on the company’s website.

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