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    10 years of Sii in Poland

    This year, Sii celebrates its tenth anniversary. On this occasion, a great celebration has started. It was inaugurated by the premiere of the film “Road to success 2006-2016” presenting the history of the company, its development and various points of interest. You must watch it: (link) to see the company’s long way in the last ten years!

    The round anniversary was celebrated in each of the eight branches. The celebration was full of sweets and surprises: from the very morning, the company’s offices were decorated, everyone could taste delicious sweets and cakes, and win cinema tickets. In addition, Gdansk organised regular screenings of the film “Road to success”. Celebration in offices was only one of the surprises. Employees also had a good time outside their branches.

    The carnival party in Warsaw, coupled with the celebration of the jubilee, was attended more than 700 people, all in the best mood and crazy costumes. Once again, the guests proved that Sii can have a great time! Each branch celebrated the jubilee in its own way, in disguise or not, but always with a smile on people’s faces. See also reports on Instagram (link).

    In recent years, much has changed. The company is developing dynamically. It currently employs 2,300 people, serving clients from all over the world and implementing various projects. However, the beginnings were not easy – you can see it in the film. Sii was created by one person – Gregoire Nitot who came to Poland with a business plan and a lot of motivation. 30 percent of the initial capital were Greg’s savings, the remaining part was the contribution of the French investor – Sii.

    On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, we have prepared a few surprises. One of them is a contest in which you can win a trip for two people to the chosen capital city in Europe. To win, simply shoot a short video with greetings for Sii. Details can be found here (link). Let’s get down to work!

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