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127 employees hired in July

In July 2015 Sii Poland set a record of employment. The Recruitment and HR Department contributed to recruiting as many as 127 new employees whose duties will be connected with implementation of new projects and the Summer Talent Academy powered by Sii.

With the ongoing development of the firm, the company’s recruitment needs are constantly growing. Sii’s multiple projects require specialists with different profiles in the area of IT and engineering. July was the record month of employment. 127 new professionals were hired. The great interest in job offers is the result not only of the financial stability of the company and atmosphere at work, but first and foremost of interesting and challenging projects and additional perks.

– The employment of 127 specialists in just one month is a big success for us. It proves that the candidates put trust in us and that our continuous efforts are appreciated. We always try to take into account the expectations and needs of our employees, thanks to which we are becoming a better working place and getting positive feedback from our engineers. Those are the reasons for the great interest in our company and the large number of job applications we receive – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief HR Officer.

The recruitment process consists of an interview, which puts great emphasis on soft skills, and of a series of tests which check the candidates knowledge. This approach allows us to select candidates who are most suitable for a particular project. Department managers and more than 40 recruiters, who conduct over 350 job interviews per month, ensure effective recruitment.

To find more details on ongoing recruitments in Sii Poland click HERE

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