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    1/3 of all new employees come from referrals! Check how much you may earn on recommendation system!

    The recommendation system is a consistently rich source of new workers. The program has proven to be extremely popular within the company. However, it also works effectively on the outside. After job adverts, this is the second best way of acquiring IT experts.

    Sii runs a recommendation program which encourages workers to recommend their friends to come and work here. For recommendations that end with employment, you can earn additional bonuses. For an effective recommendation, the worker receives, depending on the position, from PLN 1000 up to even 8000.

    The popularity of the program has been growing all the time. In the last year, every third new worker came to Sii on the strength of a recommendation. “This growing trend gives us cause for satisfaction. If our employees recommend us to their friends and recommend their work to Sii, it means that they like and appreciate our company. Thanks to this program, we can access excellent IT experts whose knowledge and experience is confirmed by our employees” – says Wojciech Dreja, Recruitment Director, Sii Poland.

    Recommend an IT expert

    The recommendation program does not only work internally. Everyone can recommend people to work in Sii. If the IT expert is not listed in the company’s database and will be recruited, the recommender may receive up to PLN 4,000. The recommendation system includes also the non-technical positions. Financial bonuses can be earned for recommending people to work, among others in Sales, Recruitment and HR or Administration Departments. Detailed information on the terms and conditions applicable can be found in the Rules and Regulations.

    The growing popularity of recommendation programs is visible throughout the entire labor market, especially in the IT industry. The market for employees and shortage of experts make internal and external recommendations a valuable source of candidates.

    Do you want to recommend someone to work at Sii? Send us her or his CV! All currently open recruitment processes can be found on our website.

    Article written by: Anna Węgrzanowska

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