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2 Winners of the Let’s Code Programming Contest

On December 16 we found out the results of the 2nd edition of the Let’s Code programming contest. Two applications won: Neighborhood from Poznań and ChallengLink from Wrocław, which gained respectively 910 and 908 votes. According to the voters they definitely stood out from the other projects. 40 applications from the entire country fought for the first prize. Through voting the web users decided who go to be the winner. 

The Neighborhood application created by a 4-person team in Poznań, is an application of public benefit. Its aim was to enable the inhabitants informing about acts of vandalism in their city and the verification of this information and its processing by the system’s service in a given region. It is planned that adequate authorities will be granted access to the platform, i.e. the municipal police, it will also be introduced in all Polish cities.

The other victorious application – ChallengLink, created in Wrocław,  is aimed at supporting the passions of its users. Through the app, individual persons or teams invite each other  to compete and set a destination, by marking it on the map. The fun is in reaching the target point in the shortest possible time with any chosen means of transportation. Special sponsors’ points, distributed on the map, add charm to the game. Each of the visited points supports a charity and brings a substantial benefit to the players – it may mean a decrease in the time which passed from the start of the competition.

Both winner teams received the main prize amounting for 10 000 pln. You can learn more about the winner as well as all the other applications on the page. All of the applications taking part in the II stage were created during an overnight competition on the 20 th of November in 8 cities in Poland. 244 participants created over 70 applications. The contestants entered 40 applications to the second stage of the contest. Let’s code, organized by Sii, took place in 8 offices of the company in Poland in:  Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź and Katowice.

The sponsors of the Let’s code contest were:  the „Computerworld” magazine, Magazyn Programista, Semestr Student Magazine,,, Radio Kampus, Radio Lublin, Radio Centrum, „Gazeta Wyborcza” in Lublin, „Kurier Lubelski”, Lubelska Wyżyna IT,, Java User Group Poznań,, The Career Office of the Wrocław University of Technology, Radio Gdańsk,, TVP Łódź, Młodzi w Łodzi (Youth in Łódź), Women in technology, What’s up Magazine.

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