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220 .NET enthusiasts, 10 lectures, 60 minutes in the virtual world and 120 minutes for networking – that’s GET.NET 2018 behind us!

On 14th April in Lodz, took place the next edition of GET.NET, one of the largest conferences in Poland devoted to the .NET technology. The event attracted over 220 enthusiasts of .NET, C#, F#, X++, Azure, Cloud and Xamarin from all over the country.

As usual, there was no shortage of IT enthusiasts – experts, programmers, as well as students who could exchange their experiences in the field of .NET technology. The spring edition of GET.NET  in Lodz comprises 10 speeches by 11 well-known and highly regarded speakers (including one comedian) from Poland and abroad.

The conference was opened by Mark Rendle with his speech “Cloud Native .NET” . The range of topics was very wide. Eight hours of lectures allowed us to discuss about Microsoft Azure, Cloud, .NET Core, alternative to Visual Studio IDE, JetBrains Rider and we spent 60 minutes in the virtual world using HoloLens. A fruit scanning application was also developed. GET.NET closed Ian Cooper with a talk about Twelve-Factor App methodology.

In addition to substantive knowledge, the participants had 120 minutes for networking. The place was conducive to relaxing outdoors and getting to know the history of Lodz among the lectures – The Dialogue Center popularizes the multicultural and multi-ethnic heritage of the city. In addition, unique welcome package was waiting for each participant, which included specially designed T-shirts by GOUDA WORKS.

The originator and organizer of GET.NET conference is Sii, which employs over 3500 engineers all over Poland. Sii is a leading provider of IT and engineering services in Poland, which supports clients in the areas of consulting, analysis and testing, software development, infrastructure management, integration and maintenance of systems and industrial engineering.

The GET.NET Conference is organised twice a year. See you in Gdansk on 27 October 2018. Details will be soon available on the website.

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