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365 days of records, success and passions – a summary of 2017 at Sii Poland

Sii Poland has achieved record high results in the past year. 2017 will mark its place in history – good financial results, new investments, increasing the headcount to 3200, implementing the Power People mission and CSR actions, along with the Passions support program. These are only some of the achievements of the leader of the IT & engineering market.

The year 2017 was an important one and full of records. A 30 % increase in income – in the amount of 390 mln PLN, where our gross profit exceeds 50 mln PLN. We payed 99 mln PLN to the Polish government in taxes. We also believe that in 2018 we will reach our goal – 500 mln PLN of income at the end of the fiscal year. These are really impressive numbers – I am very proud of our work and of its effects. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the entire team – simply the Power People – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland.

Here we just have to mention Sii’s new investments – the newly opened in 2017 Competency Centers: BI, Salesforce, Legacy Systems and the fusion of such Centers as: Digital & AS, AX & Dynamics CRM and IT Operations (Service Desk & IT Infrastructure). Sii doesn’t stop even for a second. In 2018 the company is planning to open more specialized units: SAP, BPO and Embedded Systems.

Among other achievements of Sii we must say about the prestigious ISO 27001 certificate, which confirms meeting the highest security standards by the company as an IT services provider. Moreover in 2017, the company’s Common Criteria certificate got renewed – the certificate confirms the high security standards of ICT systems. This is not the end of investments and development, as in the same year a decision was made about the opening of a new branch. On the 1st of January Sii’s 9th branch – in Rzeszów, was launched.

The company is developing fast, end employs more and more technological experts. In 2016, 2700 specialists worked for the company and exactly a year later – already more than 3200, among them top class Java, .NET, PHP and DevOps programmers, manual and automated testers and business analysts. The company has always accentuated the fact, that its biggest value are its employees. The other important thing is passion – for IT and technology. This became an inspiration for implementing new programs dedicated to employees.

In 2017, for the third time in a row, the company has received the title of Great Place to Work. It is one of the most prestigious and recognized titles granted to the best workplaces in Poland and internationally, which can serve as a confirmation of the thesis that Sii is the best place to work in IT. The company cares about the comfort of its employees and about providing the best work conditions and reaches out for non-standard benefits for engineers.

This year, with the Power People in mind, we have prepared a program supporting the passions of employees – Passion Drives Power People. The company has spent as much as 300 000 PLN for this purpose. Except for supporting the passions of employees, Sii Poland has also supported the ones in need. The Sii Power Volunteers program brought 13 completed projects, in which the employees of the company supported the less privileged ones in diverse ways.

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