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4 branches, 4 relocations, over 700 new workplaces on 12,000 square metres of space

Sii is experiencing exponential growth. In the course of less than a year, as many as four of our branches have extended their workspaces, creating 700 new employment opportunities. Take a look at our 12,000 square metres of space in modern offices in the best locations in Poznan, Krakow, Gdansk and Katowice and discover what they have to offer.

Right in the very heart of the city

We’ve doubled our workforce! That’s the proud claim of Sii Poznan. The number of people in the branch has shown a steady increase, and that’s why, at the start of the year, the branch took possession of brand new offices. The current team, including 200 new IT specialists, has 3,400 square metres of office space at its disposal in the modern Maraton office building, right in the centre of the city.

We moved because we needed more office space. The growth of the number of projects and the appearance of new clients meant we had to take on more people. We considered two locations, but finally chose Maraton. Thanks to this choice, we can boast of having a brand new office right in the very centre of Poznan, which is very attractive, for both workers and potential workers – says Monika Tyczynska-Płaczek, Recruitment & HR Manager of Sii Poznan.

We also have a range of facilities available to our workers. Besides having a modern space, they also have access to a chill room with game consoles, a small fitness area, comfortable sofas, coffee points and hot desks. We have exchanged our previous office on Głogowska Street 31/33 for a location in the heart of the city. And we have increased our office space from 1,340 square metres to 3,420 square metres, occupying two floors. “We are planning on growing our little Silicon Valley on Królowej Jadwigii Street – says Natalia Buczel, Branch Director of Sii Poznan.

What’s more, the Poznan branch is not event thinking of slowing down, and in the coming year, 2018, we are planning a further increase of the number of specialists by 120–150 persons.

Big changes in the building opposite

The only small change in Cracow is the address, as the branch has moved its offices from 72 Wielicka Street to 28 Wielicka Street. The new space is over twice the size of the previous one, and can provide three times the number of workplace, as well as a range of modern facilities!

Sii Cracow now employs over 300 workers and is expanding exponentially. The previous office, in the MIX BIURA building, provided us with an area of 704 square metres, together with 80 workplaces. Currently, workers have a modern A Class office of 2011 square metres, with 244 workplaces at their disposal. The office is equipped with sound-proofing to cut down the noise of telephone conversations, a new conference room, a spacious kitchen with a large dining room, two coffee points, a chill room with table football and a relaxation zone and private balcony, where workers can relax in their free time. In the new office, there is also a room for mothers and children.

The office in EQUAL BUSINESS PARK is a comfortable location – many bus and tram stops are located nearby. It is also easily accessible for cyclists.

Five floors in the tallest building in Pomerania

Indeed, we’re talking about Sii Gdansk, which, since September, has occupied floors 14–18 in the Olivia Star building. The newest and most modern building in the Olivia Business Centre has been equipped with a wide range of facilities, but its most breathtaking attribute is the view from the highest floor, which is located over 150 metres above the ground, from where you can admire the panorama of the Tri-City.

The Sii Gdansk branch has been located in the Olivia Business Centre since 2012. At the end of September, we moved to the newest and most modern building in Gdansk – Olivia Star. Here, workers have 6,500 square metres at their disposal, that’s over a thousand square metres more than in the previous location. There is a wide range of facilities in this space, divided equally between work and personal life. That’s why events focused around the themes of business, education, culture and sport regularly take place here. Facilities which are available to visitors now include: three conference centres, a medical centre with a pharmacy, three restaurants, two cafés, a nursery and kindergarten, four banks, a modern gym, a beauty parlour, a solicitor’s office and electric car chargers. There are 2,000 parking spaces next to the Olivia Business Centre, as well as 200 bicycle stands and five locker rooms with showers.

On the highest floor of the building, there is a viewing platform open-to-all, together with a conference centre, which has views of the Bay of Gdansk, Gdansk itself, the cliffs in Gdynia, the ports of Gdynia and Gdansk, the pier in Sopot, the Hel peninsula – as well as the forests of the Tri-City Landscape Park. Two lifts, which do not stop on the office floors, will take you directly up to the viewing platform. The building is also going to have a glazed winter garden, situated in an indoor patio, with greenery and fountains. Thanks to all this, the winter garden will be full of life all year round.

Silesian’s diamond

Sii Katowice was the last branch to relocate this year. Although its the youngest branch, its rapid expansion is consistent with its being a part of Sii. The branch has enlarged its office space from 320 square metres to 450 square metres, and that’s not all, because in February they plan to occupy 850 square metres altogether, and at the same time, increase the number of workplaces from 45 to 70.

These changes have come about through growth in the local market.

Sii Katowice is the youngest branch, but it is also the fastest developing one. The opening of a new office is the result of the expansion in the cooperation with local clients and the completion of ever more projects, which always results in the need to expand our team of qualified specialists. Besides, it’s important to us to create the best working conditions, and a new office allows us, not only to increase the size of the office, but also to create a space where it is possible to disengage from responsibilities – a ‘fun room’ – says Krzysztof Danielewicz, Branch Director of Sii Katowice.

The look of the new branch is still a mystery, but based on the visualisation presented, it’s sure to be spacious and modern.

Article written by: Martyna Kalicka

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