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A new level of agile project management – check how Atlassian tools can improve remote work in your organization

In Sii Poland, Atlassian tools are used by project teams in their daily work. Solutions such as Jira and Confluence are used not only by large corporations but also by smaller enterprises. Based on our experience, we are able to present how to use them for remote work in agile project management.

Task tracking with Jira

Jira is a market-leading tool that allows you to conveniently plan and track the process of creating and implementing projects. The platform connects teams working on various aspects, from software development using the Agile methodology to management of marketing and business projects.

Jira allows you to create tasks visible to selected coworkers involved in the project. Tasks can be tracked from the moment they are created to the end of the project. Thanks to the configuration options, you can easily adjust the functionality of the tool to the specific needs of the team – it is possible, for example, to create requests based on incoming emails with specific parameters. Jira also enables the creation of workflows tailored to the company’s needs, allowing even very detailed tracking of the project status.

Constant monitoring of progress is extremely important in project work, and thanks to maintaining the entire Atlassian environment, including Jira, in the cloud, people involved in the project are able to keep their finger on the pulse regardless of whether they work from the office or from home. Cloud instances also allow you to seamlessly increase server bandwidth. Thanks to Jira Cloud, solutions can be delivered without any interruptions, regardless of unforeseen situations.

Access to documentation with Confluence

Confluence is a solution to problems with access to information about previously developed functionalities. The tool is a workspace that combines the role of a knowledge base and a communication platform.

It allows you to conveniently collect information shared by project teams, create meeting notes, product requirements or project plans. It also facilitates the organization of collected documents thanks to the possibility of grouping related elements or advanced search functions. The solution is created to support communication – thanks to social functions, employees can easily comment, share information and receive feedback.

Thanks to the perfect integration of Confluence with other tools and cloud solutions, all documentation is available from anywhere on Earth, at any time of day or night.

Remote troubleshooting with Jira Service Management

Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly Jira Service Management application, it is possible to create space to support users inside the company and external customers. The support offered is wide – from finding a solution to a specific problem, through request reporting, to advanced ITIL support and system configuration management.

Jira ServiceDesk allows you to create a self-service portal for employees to find answers to frequently asked questions and easily send a request for help. All requests entering the system can be sorted and given priority.

The use of various Atlassian systems allows comprehensive project support. We can read articles, documentation, check the project description in Jira, or easily track changes in the code using Crucible and Bitbucket. What’s more, Atlassian tools can be easily integrated with other solutions available on the market – an example can be MS Teams implemented in Sii Poland, a messenger that offers many integration possibilities with solutions based on the Atlassian cloud: Jira, Trello, Confluence or Bitbucket.

If you want to learn more about Atlassian solutions, visit our website.

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