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    A yearly summary – interview with Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii

    Gregoire Nitot, CEO & Founder of Sii talks about the previous fiscal year,  last month’s challenges and ambitious projects. Learn about the plans of the CEO and founder of the most dynamically growing IT organization in Poland.

    Dear Power People, Clients, Partners,

    The last fiscal year was probably the best one in the history of Sii. We executed our mission and five basic objectives: profit, Client’s and Workers’ satisfaction, development and fun. Moreover our financial results are record high.

    Let’s start with some numbers. As an organization, we achieved a net profit of not less than 39 mln PLN. No other company in Poland can boast of such success. A 30% increase of revenue at the amount of 390 mln PLN also needs to be mentioned. Our gross profit, however, amounts to  50 mln PLN. On the other hand, as a tax payer, we provided the Polish government with 99 mln PLN. It’s our country who is the biggest beneficiary of our work.  These are impressive numbers – I’m very proud of our hard work and its final effects.


    Everything went well despite some difficulties we had to face. We were transformed into a matrix organization two years ago. It was a successful investment that lasted around 4–5 years. Currently, there are 8 branches operating at Sii. Additionally, we have created 11 Competency Centers which are our Centers of Excellence. They are highly specialized units dedicated to specific technologies, such as: Tests, Digital, SharePoint, CRM, AX, BI, Salesforce, IT Operations, Application Services, Engineering and training.

    The Competency Centers support branches technologically in their implementation of advanced projects. Today, we can see it was a very good decision. Digital, SharePoint and Testing centers, and Microsoft Dynamix AX in particular, deserve a special mention. Until now, the  Microsoft Dynamix AX center generated loss, but this year it joined other profitable Centers.

    These achievements are possible thanks to our motivated Workers. Their presence makes the company even bigger and stronger. These are the people who take care of providing top quality services. Thanks to them our Clients admit we are more attractive than the competition, we have a better methodology, we offer more mature processes and the engineers working at Sii are simply the best. Our experts also talk about us well. We make sure they work on interesting projects. Moreover, we constantly support them. As a result, once again we were awarded with the title of Great Place to Work. This means that Sii stands among the best employers in Poland for the 3rd time in a row!

    Now we have to work on our further development and growth. Our fiscal target for the next year is 500 mln PLN. I would like to “outrun” this fiscal year — says Gregoire Nitot, CEO Sii.

    This is an ambitious goal, as it means that we will develop even quicker. We also have to employ a great number of engineers. But I believe we will achieve this objective. The most important aspect, is that our Clients want to continue working with Sii in the future. This is the task of each and every member of our community — starting from the engineers, who provide the best product on the market, and ending with the managers, who take care of every detail of our offer. We are ambitious! As the biggest IT company in Poland, in a five-year perspective, we would like to, generate 1 billion PLN of annual revenue. Of course, that depends on the market and the possible crisis, but I do hope we will be motivated even more than we are today!


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