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About writing fairy tales – a charity action of Sii employees

“Siiowy Świat Bajek” (“Sii World of Fairy Tales”) exists because of the involvement and willingness to help others by Sii employees. The idea of creating a book with fairy tales was an impulse that spurred Sii Power People to creative work. Joanna Sokołowska, one of the authors, talks about her participation in the project and the process of creating a fairy tale.

Asia works in the Testing Competency Center at Sii, in a project related to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the tasks of the tester, like reading the specification, creating and executing test cases, configuring devices and the environment, she is also responsible for maintaining and developing the mobile device laboratory in Sii.

In spite of so many professional duties and leisure time activities, Asia found a moment to take part in a charity event, “Write a Fairy Tale.”

What is the purpose of the “Write a Fairy” action?

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds for the care and rehabilitation of children from The Home in Łódź Foundation. This foundation runs the only child’s home in Poland, taking care of the seriously ill kids abandoned by their biological families. Each of the nine foster children suffers from some condition and requires special treatment and environment, so every help counts.

Where did the idea come from?

“Write a fairy tale” is a campaign implemented under the Sii Power Volunteers program. It was Initiated by one of our colleagues from the Sii Łódź administration – Sylwia Burzyńska.

The whole action consists of two stages. At the beginning of the project, the coordinators encouraged employees to join by writing a fairy tale or poem for children. The only requirement was to include one of the 15 values ​​represented by Sii (Ambition, Fighting Spirit, Flexibility, Quality, Loyalty, Courage, Passion, Positive Attitude, Teamwork, Transparency, Respect, Modesty, Honesty, Trust).

“Siiowy Świat bajek” (The Sii world of fairy tales) contains 16 short stories and fairy tales. The book also includes drawings by the residents of the Foundation. At this moment the second stage of the project is in progress. During the promotion we encourage everyone to support the Foundation by purchasing the books.

Why did you decide to take part in the action?

I’ve always liked writing stories and letting my imagination run free. I’ve always wanted to write something my own way and not follow the rules. I thought it would be great to go back to these times and write a fairy tale. Especially if I could also help children that are in need.

How do you write fairy tales for children?

In this particular case it was very easy for me, because I didn’t write a fairy tale myself. The co-creator of the story is my daughter, Zosia. She came up with the script. I just gathered all the ideas and did my best to describe them.

What’s the story behind the fairy tale?

It is a story of a lonely girl named Jagódka, who is a very good pupil. Unfortunately she doesn’t have any soul mate at school. All of a sudden Jagódka finds herself in a completely different world along with one of her classmates – the one that teased her the most. They need to face a challenge together. What will happen next? We encourage you to read and find out.

How does it feel to help?

Perhaps it will sound trivial, but helping others feels great. It makes us feel better about ourselves

In this particular case, I had the great pleasure to meet the charges of the foundation personally. It’s priceless to see the smiling faces of children and if I have contributed to at least one smile, to me it is a proof that helping makes sense.

How can we help and get involved?

As I have mentioned earlier, the second stage of the campaign is connected with the distribution of books. You can help us simply by sharing information about this project.

“Siiowy Świat Bajek” can be purchased in every branch of Sii and in cafe Tubajka in Łódź, which also joined our event.

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