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Agile transformation and Atlassian tools – the way to achieve competitive advantage

Sii Poland helps organizations to change, creating optimal conditions for improving the efficiency and developing not only products, but also entire enterprises. The acquired knowledge and experience in implementing Agile practices, combined with tools from a recognized partner, Atlassian, have already improved the work of many clients, including the leading sports brand PUMA. How to deal with projects that can be compared to replacing wheels in a speeding car? Sii experts have a solution – Agile.

Agile as the right step to success

Today, a vast majority of companies must be agile, which entails quickly responding to market changes and focusing on their customers and product, at the same time controlling all risks. Transformation is a popular slogan, but no matter what we call it – digital or DevOps – Agile will always be its foundation.

– We are observing an ever-growing demand for change in the approach to product manufacturing. Nowadays, our clients know that in order to be competitive and have a strong market position, they need more flexibility, shorter time-to-market, and high quality – says Maciej Szostek, Agile & Atlassian Offering Lead at Sii Poland. – We are well aware of that, carrying out projects in many sectors and delivering products to various customers around the world. Thanks to the know-how developed over the years, today we can successfully support digital transformations at all levels, from a single team to the entire organization, providing them with Atlassian tools. We use the available company competences in the field of project and process management, release management, risk management, IT organization, and service desk to propose an innovative approach to the development of Atlassian tools, automating many business processes, integrating them with ERP, CRM, and BI reporting systems – he adds.

Sii Poland allows companies to change, creating optimal conditions for improving performance and developing not only products, but also entire enterprises. The Agile & Atlassian Competency Center operating at Sii helps to implement a properly selected approach in any organization. A thorough assessment of the needs and Agile maturity in the company is fundamental. Thanks to this knowledge, we can choose the right solutions for product production, scaled team cooperation, and Value Stream construction for the entire company. Our experts support the production of products based on Scrum, ITIL best practices, visibility and transparency of processes at every level in the organization. For mature and large organizations, we offer Agile scaling based on SAFe.

Transformation is a long and complex process, during which the client’s needs evolve and can turn out to be a much bigger challenge than originally thought.

– One of our Agile transformations proved to be a challenge not only for our client, but also for the Sii team. Introducing changes in an international organization with enormous dynamics and dispersed teams, and the need to provide products to maintain business continuity and market advantage can be compared to replacing wheels in a speeding car – says Katarzyna Kulhawik, Program Manager at Sii Poland. – So we decided to design and implement a program that allows the implementation of the transformation assumptions in small steps. In accordance with the Agile approach, all our activities  were monitored and adapted for the return on investment to occur as soon as possible and to bring maximum business value to the client. This approach became the key to the success of this project – she concludes.

A pioneering project for PUMA

The Agile approach is often seen as focusing only on people, interaction between them, and optimization of manufacturing processes and product. However, one cannot forget about tools that  should not be underestimated in the era of ubiquitous digitization. Being the Gold Partner of Atlassian, Sii Poland provides tool support as part of each transformation, offering consulting on the selection of solutions adequate for the needs, which makes it possible to face challenges such as time zone differences or work in distributed teams.

– We are not afraid of challenges, which is why we are pioneers. In cooperation with Atlassian, we implement unique projects such as the first migrations of complex Jira and Confluence configurations from an on-premise version to Atlassian Cloud – says Maciej Szostek.

One of the most interesting challenges was the migration of the existing Atlassian Platform to the cloud, performed by Sii experts as part of the PUMA’s project.

– The process involved connecting an existing Jira Server instance to an existing Jira Cloud instance without losing data, maintaining business continuity, and taking into account technical differences between products and numerous additions. The operation was carried out by us to the full extent, which made us global pioneers in this type of projects. Thanks to the innovation and complexity of the process, our work was also recognized by our partner, Atlassian – explains Paweł Jakimiak, Atlassian Administrator at Sii Poland.

Sii Poland as a partner in transformation

Transformation is a multi-stage undertaking focused on the success of the organization. Sii Poland supports clients at every stage, from the assessment of needs and planning of changes, through training and joint introduction of the new approach, to constant support in the new reality.

– We build a dedicated team of Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters to work with the organization on a daily basis. After the period of major changes, we remain in constant contact, helping when it is needed and monitoring the durability of effects. The end-to-end cooperation brings the best results, but we also help companies at any point of transformation within the agreed scope – Maciej Szostek sums up.

If you want to find out how we can help you, contact us.

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