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Become a Microsoft Azure Administrator – a new training for those who want to enter the IT sector

The first edition of the new Sii Training Practice course in the Become an IT Specialist series starts in September. This time, participants will gain knowledge that allows them to start a career as a Microsoft Azure Administrator. What is more, the best graduates of the training will get the opportunity to continue their education and gain experience during a 3-month internship at Sii Poland.

Training with a focus on practice

The new 6-day training is addressed to people who have not had any experience in cloud computing before, but also to administrators who want to expand their knowledge of MS Azure service management. The trainers and authors of the training program are Maciej Poborca and Krzysztof Polewiak, cloud architects who carry out projects for large, international clients of Sii Poland on a daily basis.

As in the case of other trainings organized by Sii Training Practice, the trainers focused not only on theory but also on practice and exchange of experiences. Classes will be based on real tasks using the MS Azure platform, and the course authors will be happy to share their experiences with the participants.

– The training program covers topics that will prepare the participants to enter the IT sector – says Maciej Poborca, Architect and trainer at Sii Poland. Upon completion of the course, graduates will have a solid understanding of MS Azure. Most of the issues covered during the training correspond to the requirements of Azure Fundamentals and Azure Administrator certification. These are selected issues that, in our opinion, are the most important and best meet the current expectations of employers. We base that knowledge on our own experience as we know what services our clients need from us – he sums up.

Graduates with a positive result of the internal exam at the end of the course will get a chance to continue their studies during the 3-month internship at Sii.

– We want our students to find a job at Sii. If a person is motivated and wants to develop in the cloud area, then after completing the internship at Sii, they will certainly receive a lot of help from more experienced colleagues from the team – says Krzysztof Polewiak, Solution Architect and trainer at Sii Poland.

MS Azure Administrator – is it worth choosing this specialization?

The Become a Microsoft Azure Administrator training was created as a response to the situation in the labor market.

– We can see that there are still not enough cloud experts, and the demand for these competencies is growing – says Jarosław Lakutowicz, ITO Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years. At Sii, we are currently recruiting for cloud-related positions. We are looking for people who will take part in projects carried out for Polish and international clients, including in the retail, banking and high-tech industries. I am sure that thanks to the training program and the professionalism of the experts who conduct it, the new training will prepare the students even faster and better to work on these projects. This is a great response to the current situation in the labor market, as it allows us to introduce many new and ambitious people to it – he sums up.

What is the work and development in this area like?

The variety of tasks gives you great opportunities to expand your knowledge.

– Within MS Azure there are many development paths, we are not limited to only one and we do not have to always do the same. Each new project is a chance to learn something new – says Maciej Poborca. We can develop in Security, DevOps, or Data Engineering and focus on one specialization or expand our competencies, be a specialist in several areas and have a broader view of the client’s entire cloud environment – he sums up.

How to become an IT specialist?

Sii Poland has been organizing reskilling trainings that help to start a career in the IT industry for several years. Sii courses are dedicated to both beginners who do not have technical experience or education, as well as people who already work in the profession and want to consolidate their knowledge or expand their skills.

Reskilling trainings are conducted in various IT areas, such as manual testing, automated testing, Front-end and Back-end programming, business analysis, Scrum, and UX. Additionally, to facilitate the graduates’ start in the IT industry, Sii invites many of its graduates to its own recruitment processes and offers them internships.

Learn more about the Become an MS Azure Administrator training and about the Become an IT Specialist training series.

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