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Become a Project Manager – new reskilling training from Sii Poland

The first edition of the next training course from the Become an IT Specialist series will begin soon. This time its participants, during a 6-day intensive course, will gain knowledge which will prepare them to work on the position of Project Manager.

Training with emphasis on practice

The new training, the first edition of which will begin in December, is aimed at people in project management roles as well as project team members. The trainer and author of the training programme is Dariusz Wójcicki, Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience in managing complex projects in Poland and abroad.

— When creating the training programme, I was keen to ensure that the knowledge presented was firmly anchored in practice. Theory is necessary to understand the domain of Project Management, but you need to be able to use it in a project to effectively achieve its objectives, says Dariusz Wójcicki. — I want to teach students how to manage projects effectively and which techniques and tools to use for this, he adds.

Who will thrive in the role of Project Manager?

— This is a role for goal-oriented people. They should also have an analytical approach to understanding the task they are working on and organising the processes they are involved in. Working as a Project Manager means working with people, so people who are communicative will do best. Openness to change, creativity and willingness to develop are valuable as this position requires constant broadening of knowledge, says Dariusz Wójcicki.

Is it worth being a Project Manager?

Project Manager is one of the non-technical positions that are very important in the IT industry. The demand for specialists in this field is growing with the rapid development of the technology sector. The role of IT in our lives is constantly increasing, so it is natural that the job market for project managers will also develop. Increasingly advanced and complex projects will require people to coordinate and organise the work of teams made up of technical specialists, says Dariusz Wójcicki. However, the knowledge imparted during the training is so universal that graduates will be able to use it in fields other than IT, which further increases their prospects of finding a new job. — A good Project Manager will lead any project, regardless of the technology involved. Management skills are common to all sectors, he concludes.

Training courses for future IT Specialists

Sii Poland has been running reskilling training courses for several years now, which help to start a career in IT. More than 2 000 people have already completed the courses.

Reskilling trainings are conducted in various IT areas, such as manual testing, automated testing, Front-end and Back-end programming, business analysis, Scrum and UX.

— We can see that the people participating in our training courses quickly find their way in the market, says Agnieszka Rzeczkowska, Competency Centre Manager.  We want to prepare them for their new profession in the best possible way, so when creating our training programmes, we put a lot of emphasis on practical skills, which the trainees learn from trainers who have been working in the IT industry for years.

Sounds interesting? Find out more about the Become a Project Manager training course and the Become an IT Specialist training series and sign up today!

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