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In 2016, the award for the Best Recruitment and HR Department went to Warsaw Site. The award was granted on the basis of the results’ verification – mainly recruitment ones – and also the employee’s satisfaction with the work of the Recruitment and HR Department in a specific location. The branch in Warsaw has taken the lead in these areas 🙂

Recruitment is one of our core processes. We have specialised in the recruitment in the IT industry for 10 years and thanks to continuous process improvement, every month, c. 80 new Power People join us. We have grown from 1 person in 2006 to over 2300 people in 10 years – it is impressive! This year, the award for Best Recruitment and HR Department has been given to the team from Warsaw because of the best results in recruiting new employees and the highest efficiency – both, in terms of costs, and the one related to operational activities. Best of luck for further success! 🙂 


Now, this department consists of 12 people, and Paulina Truszkiewicz has been leading it for over a year. Paulina joined Sii in 2011. Then she took over the position of the Junior Recruitment Specialist, which then evolved into Specialist, Senior Specialist and, currently, the Recruitment and HR Department Manager. Paulina has been working in Sii for 5 years! Congratulations! 🙂

The Recruitment Department’s work is not only the very recruitment process but also the organisation of trainings, integration of employees, evaluation system – periodic assessments and many others.

Our challange is recruitment on the IT market – reaching the best candidates. In Sii, we always strive to employ the best professionals with extensive experience and to look for young talents.

Another challenge, which the Recruitment and HR Department faces every day, is keeping the employees in Sii, care of achieving the company’s objectives and ensuring a good atmosphere at work.

Recruitment process in Sii consists of a few stages and it was awarded the title of “Friendly Recruitment.”

Extra benefits and what Sii can offer their employees and co-workers are helpful in recruitment. Bonus schemes, social packages and insurances are also available in our company. The atmosphere at work, which is unique in Sii, is a very important element. Sii has a rich range of additional initiatives and activities.


These are different types of socialising parties – addressed to our employees and their families. In response to enquiries from our employees, we also offer interest groups. We focus on the integration of all our employees and co-workers – says Paulina Truszkiewicz, Recruitment and HR Manager.

What brings the greatest satisfaction from work? This is certainly the management of such a nice team, in which only people with passion work. Another very satisfying factor is the satisfaction of our client, to whom we can provide a good service – adds Paulina Truszkiewicz, Recruitment and HR Manager.

Congratulations for the entire Recruitment and HR Department Warsaw and we wish them further success! Paulina who has joined our JuraSiic Park, we wish future full of challanges and experience in Sii 🙂

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