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Business Intelligence – Sii’s New Competency Center

The companies that will invest in the continuous development of Big Data infrastructure, use of Business Intelligence systems and effective analytics, will be the ones to develop the fastest. However, the real competitive edge will be gained by these companies which will process the obtained data into clear and useful business information. Before that happens, organizations need a successful implementation of modern Business Intelligence class solutions. This is exactly what Sii does within the newly created BI Competency Center.

Appropriate management of excess data along with the increasing digitalization, is the biggest challenge for modern companies. According to researchers, in 8 years’ time the Internet can face a serious crisis connected with excessive data. This can happen in spite of the fact that the Internet bandwidth has been increased 50 times during the last decade. A growing number of information we can access today can significantly contribute to the positive development of the world of business in the future. Currently, however, the Workers at all levels struggle with the problem of appropriate interpretation of the collected resources. This is not easy. The number of messages modern managers have to face – their production will increase 44 times in 2020, compared to 2009 – makes 32% of them believe they are not coping well with the data overload.

Challenge of contemporary times

A great number of data coming from the world can become a useful tool in everyday life. According to Gartner institute, in only 3 years information collected thanks to business analysis will transform 80% of processes and products. Appropriate analytics change information into practical instructions that allow individual departments and decision makers in an organization to undertake actions on various business levels at the same time. Thus, the management board of the company has access to the current analysis and state of the business, the controlling department can use tools which automate the preparation of detailed financial reports, while the marketing department has all the information about its Clients it needs and is able to plan further actions precisely and maximize their outcome.

Technological compass – new Sii Competency Center

This is the reason why multifunctional, but at the same time as transparent as possible software that supports management of the company becomes a technological compass in the flood of business information. This is the case especially when it comes to an organization operating on multiple markets or implementing projects from very different areas. In order to really react to market needs, Sii decided to create a new Business Intelligence Competency Center. Combining the know-how of the company and the competencies of its Workers, it creates and develops BI tools. With the use of modern systems and IT infrastructure provided by leading solution manufacturers, the company’s specialists are able to create tailor-made solutions for a given organization. Regardless of the scale of the business activity or the market on which a company operates, Sii carefully selects a group of consultants and technical experts, who, based on their experience and other implementations, will be able to better understand the specificity of this particular business.

Digital transformation with Sii

Sii’s offer includes a number of services, regardless of whether the Client’s company has an advanced business analytics or not. These include, among others, implementation services, system audits, outsourcing of experts or maintenance and development of solutions. Until recently, only a narrow group of companies used tools for analytics and Big Data exploration. Lately, thanks to the development and the constant growth of BI class solutions, more and more organizations cannot imagine everyday operations without modern tools for business analytics. This is why Sii’s business activity includes implementations related to both analytics and data mining, report systems,  and cleaning and correcting incomplete, duplicate or faulty data (data cleaning).

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