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Career in IT without degree in computer science – is it possible?

The Sii company completed the first edition of Geek Academy educational programme. Students of the Academy for four weeks intensively studied, under the guidance of experts from Sii, the basics of programming and testing. The aim of the project was to provide participants with practical knowledge, which will open the door to a career in IT. Whether thanks to Geek Academy actually managed to educate new professionals who probably will enter the job market and join the ranks of software teams and testers?

Definitely yes! From the point of view of the employer education programs such as the Geek Academy are effective because they emphasize the practical skills that are actually used in the work
of a programmer. Furthermore thanks to the daily classes and direct contact with the participants – IT companies can identify people with high potential and desired competencies such as the ability to work in a group, fast assimilation of new knowledge and analytical thinking.
 – says Tomasz Klamrowski, Service Delivery Director at Sii.

This effect was achieved by Sii after Geek Academy. An example is the fact that immediately after the Academy up to three people – graduates in technical and also social sciences majors have been employed in the Gdansk branch of Sii. Five more – currently take part in the ongoing recruitment processes. Apart from the cooperation with chosen candidates Sii has decided to monitor the career of the other participants of past edition.

Apart from the Geek Academy project in the Tri-City dynamically run other programs dedicated to people who want to learn how to program from scratch, such as: Code 2.0, or InfoShare Academy. Those initiatives develop in response to the demanding situation on the labor market in IT. Recruiting of experts in IT is a challenge for most employers. Demand for new specialists exceeds the number of people who graduate from computer science. Therefore, companies such as Sii decide to implement educational programs and educate on their own the potential employees.

So does the start in the IT industry without a degree in computer science is real? The answer is – it depends. What matters primarily is the motivation of people who change their professions,
its potential, but also the availability of training programs and the quality of their teaching. Will this market for IT specialists be gradually enriched by new employees? Time will tell, we keep our fingers crossed already.

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