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Confitura 2017 – Warsaw Java day

Confitura is the biggest event in Poland dedicated to the Java developer community. Each year around 1,400 people attends the event. During sessions and breaks specialists share their knowledge and experience on new technologies. The conference is a great networking opportunity which gives the unique possibility to establish new, not only private but also business contacts.

The organizers of this year’s edition have prepared many lectures, on varied subjects. The participants, will get the opportunity to learn, among others, about: using DDD, HTTP clients or web application security basics. When it comes to applications, Java experts will also try to answer the question of whether a company can do without any running applications or databases. There is also a presentation about OData in Java which is an introduction to Apache Olingo. These are just some of many interesting topics prepared by the speakers. The whole program can be found on Confitura Conference website.

„During this event, a company that acts as one of its partners, is given the opportunity to advertise in a specialized IT environment, which greatly influences the positive reception and brand building. This translates into company’s recognition among engineers and facilitates and is a great opportunity to find potential employees. Due to the great popularity and professional preparation of Confitura, it is thought to be a prestigious event, in which consulting and software companies should participate. We decided to be the silver partner of the conference” – says Tomasz Czerwonka, solutions architect at Sii Poland Competency Center.

From the Confitura participant’s point of view, the conference is a great opportunity to get to know many interesting people and listen to the latest news and trends in the software industry. These meetings are always an inspiration to get to know something new and encourage people to get out from their comfort zone in order to try using the newest technologies, frameworks and libraries in practice. Participation in the Confitura conference, is surly an opportunity both to improve your Java programming skills and to learn about the novelties and flavors of the Javanese world. You can also see how others think and work. This healthy competition will give the participants a better view on which direction they would like to develop themselves.

What is interesting, Confitura in the early years was an event which everybody could join for free. Due to its enormous popularity the organizers decided to do something good for the occasion and organized an annual tickets auction for the event through the Allegro Charytatywni. There is no shortage of people willing to attend the event, and the available tickets have spread out in a flash. Despite large number of tickets, there still is a big number of people who did not manage to get their entrance ticket.

The popularity of the conference is a result of Java’s fame, which was the first language ​​that made programming much easier than programming in C++ language. In the past, Java has gained a lot of fans also because of the ability to program on many different platforms at the same time, including mobile devices. From the early 1990s until now many systems, products and applications have been developed on the basis of this language. A strong advantage of Java is that there are plenty of free tools, databases, application servers which can help you build advanced platforms and systems. Java is also a relatively simple programming language, and there are many learning materials online. The difficulty of programming in this language is sometimes that many different frameworks have to choose the ones that work for them and to base their solution on them. It is sometimes harder to learn a new framework than the foundation of the programming language itself.

„In Sii we see the constantly growing potential of Java language. We have a large number of Java programmers working in different teams – both in the company and on the client’s side in various forms of outsourcing: body leasing, team leasing or managed services. The Application Services Competency Center, employs 30 experts. We succeeded in working out a good foundation for the manufacturing process, based on the latest technologies such as Angular, Vaadin, Spring and Atlassian products. We focus on our employees personal and professional development, therefore we organize regular internal and external trainings” – adds Tomasz Czerwonka.

Confitura Conference will take place on the 1st of July 2017, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm at the Conference Center at Bobrowiecka 9 street in Warsaw.

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