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Delivery Manager – a job far from routine

There are currently over 60 Delivery Managers working at Sii Poland. Each of them is responsible for the timely, orderly and efficient delivery of projects and services. This is a responsible position on which the outcome of the whole project often depends. Is it worth becoming Delivery Manager at Sii and what competencies are required?

Delivery Manager – communication expert

The most important task of Delivery Manager is to ensure proper management and communication in the project.

Effective communication with both the client and the team is crucial.

– With proper information management, it is possible to counteract threats at source
and ensure the project’s integrity. It also helps build a trust-based relationship with the client – says Łukasz Romowicz, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

The role of Delivery Manager in internal communication is, among other things, to promote good practices and seek solutions together with the team, but also to provide reliable information, helping build and modify the company’s business plans. Effective management of a distributed team is particularly important. Here, the task of Delivery Manager at Sii involves giving the team a sense of belonging, creating an atmosphere of trust and implementing a model of cooperation based on Agile methodologies. In Scrum teams, it is important to make decisions together, experiment and find new, more innovative solutions.

What should Delivery Manager be like?

Many characteristics are key to effective project management, including:

  • Ability to communicate effectively and build a good relationship with the client to recognize their needs and expectations, monitor their satisfaction level as well as identify and eliminate risks as quickly as possible.
  • Finding the best way of using your resources, i.e. the potential of team members or technical and technological resources.
  • Thoughtful planning. In the case of effective management, everything starts with a well-prepared and introduced plan including clear principles for the presentation of the adopted strategy, which is based on developing an orderly approach to emerging problems and making the necessary corrections in the course of work.
  • Experience in change management and an orderly approach to risk management. Especially at a time when we need to redefine certain risks and sometimes change the assumptions made in this area.
  • Proficiency in both Agile and waterfall methodology to be ready to adapt to the requirements and needs of a particular project.
  • Familiarity with contracts and clauses on which cooperation with clients is based. This is particularly important in the case of changes in the project scope or schedule. Only through the precise and regular management of these areas, one can be sure that the project will not generate losses.
  • Responsibility and forward-thinking are required in managing projects, often having a multimillion-zloty budget.
Why is it worth being Delivery Manager at Sii?

Delivery Manager is a versatile and responsible role. Most experts holding this position at Sii specialize in solutions from specific technological areas, at the same time having managerial skills. The success of projects depends on the proactive attitude of Delivery Manager, following Sii values daily, versatility and aiming at continuous skills development. But it is certainly a very rewarding role.

– Delivery Manager’s career path is a fascinating, adrenaline-fuelled journey. A journey, during which each day you encounter new situations, each month you contribute to Sii’s profit, each year you are proud of spectacular projects and accept ambitious challenges for the next year to establish cooperation with new business partners in a different country or on a different continent – says Łukasz Romowicz. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than working directly with people and feeling that the success of the project rests with you – says Łukasz Romowicz.

Develop your career at Sii Poland, check our job offers.

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