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Discover how Cloud for Healthcare can make work easier, more efficient, and suited for challenging times

From global risk management through industry regulations to day-to-day office collaboration, cloud computing facilitates processes, increases productivity, and helps to adapt to today’s demanding market conditions. Sii’s Microsoft 365 experts have proven that many times while cooperating with healthcare sector leaders. Learn more about the versatile capabilities of a modern workplace based on M365 solutions by taking a closer look at five of our projects.

Personal data protected in accordance with GDPR

GDPR regulations in the healthcare industry are a major part of the overall security infrastructure. Sii Poland delivered a custom SharePoint application which allows users to request the creation, verification and update of the personal data records. The solution included advanced custom forms, custom notification and the mailing tool, the reporting feature and extensive logging mechanisms meant to meet GDPR criteria.

FDA and EMA regulations – easier to follow in a secure, cloud-based environment

For our client, a multinational healthcare company based in Switzerland, we developed a solution to securely communicate with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding newly developing drugs or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The tool was designed to manage the ever-changing regulations, to handle communication channels, fully embedded in a validation environment. The crucial part of a similar project was the addition of the Adobe Sign electronic signature solution which is also compliant with the FDA and enables secure document management.

Advanced risk overview and user-friendly risk management process

Following the need of a global healthcare group based in Germany, a team of Sii experts created a leading-edge tool based on SharePoint, with a custom workflow engine which allows for an advanced risk overview and acceptance by authorized business units. To make this tool even more user-friendly, Sii proposed an additional feature of matrix-based reporting services to clearly display the probability and potential impact of a given business risk. The application is now being used worldwide by over 160 legal entities which are part of the MedTech company and greatly helps to mitigate business risk.

Business process automation for office procedures

When our client, a biopharmaceutical company with state-of-the-art facilities across Europe, needed modernizing and upgrading office procedures, Sii created digital forms based on Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint architecture to limit paperwork and improve document workflows. Specifically, they focused on HR-related requests regarding the following:

  • Training opportunity
  • Salary change
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Salary history

It was yet another project where the use of an electronic signature application by Adobe brought the solution to a higher level.

Effective Microsoft 365 adoption

Sii cloud adoption framework is designed to bring the product closer to the user – to make sure your organization is using these tools as productively as possible. During the project Sii team conducted two training sessions on site: one for the selected business champions and another for management-level employees, to focus more on the aspect of supervising people and projects. Moreover, Sii consultants created a Microsoft365 adoption portal with all the necessary learning materials, documents, training videos, etc., to provide the users with unlimited opportunities for learning and assistance, regardless of time and location.

These are only five brief examples of what the modern workplace in healthcare can look like. To discover more visit Microsoft 365 for Healthcare or contact our expert:

Wioleta Boruch

Business Development Manager

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