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Diversity of tasks, support of the team or working with the customer? Which aspects of working as a Dynamics 365 Architect Michał values the most?

Michał Krawczyk works as a Architect in the Dynamics 365 Competency Center at Sii Poland, where he is responsible for ambitious projects carried out for global brands. Find out more about his work and learn why he became interested in Microsoft technologies.

What are you currently involved in at Sii Poland?

I’m a Architect in the Dynamics 365 Competency Center, where I implement projects for clients from the healthcare and retail sectors. A significant advantage of working with Microsoft Dynamics is that we can constantly explore new areas and we don’t get into a rut, because this solution allows us to work for various industries. We also create ready-made solutions that can be downloaded from Microsoft AppSource. It is an additional challenge because the approach to such a project is completely different than to those commissioned by a specific company. An example of such an implementation is extending Dynamics 365 by adding a possibility of sending messages to customers via various communication channels, e.g. SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, which can be used in marketing and promotion campaigns. In this case, we have to think about the universality of the solution and the fact that it should prove effective for various customers in different environments.

How did your adventure Microsoft technologies start? Why did you become interested in them?

I got interested in Dynamics because it was a niche technology. I noticed a great demand for specialists in this area because clients see the advantages of MS Dynamics and want to implement them in their companies. Dynamics 365 is an out-of-the-box solution that allows for convenient, easy, and cost-effective modifications. Power Platforms offers even more possibilities, which enables you to build new functionalities and tools tailored to the client’s requirements. Microsoft technologies are developing in an interesting direction, so the demand for specialists in this field certainly won’t decrease.

Which of the projects implemented for Sii’s clients posed the greatest challenge for you?

The project that we carried out for Becton Dickinson, a leading medical technology company. Our task was to transfer a functionality supporting product pricing and profitability on global markets prepared in Excel to a cloud solution based on Power Platform. Initially, it was supposed to be a short project but it grew a lot. The challenge, in this case, was in the need to quickly process large amounts of data and to ensure the integration of multiple system modules. The solution that we’ve created is extremely interesting from the technological point of view and it’s based on advanced analytics.

What was your role in this project?

When we started the project, I was working as a developer and designing the solution. Later, I took over the responsibility for the entire team and coordinated its work. In retrospect, I know that I learned a lot during that time.

What are your daily duties at Sii?

The tasks of an architect at the Dynamics 365 Competency Center are very diverse. I’m involved in the entire project life cycle, from the first conversations with clients, through the analysis and customer discovery phase, architecture preparation, and, to a lesser extent, development and project supervision. Additionally, I take care of the development team and support its members.

Which of your tasks give you the most satisfaction?

Certainly, work with the development team and consultations, during which we think over new solutions and discuss best practices. These meetings give me quite a lot of motivation to work. Also, I enjoy discovering customers’ requirements because I love conceptual work.

What are the necessary competencies of a person in your position?

Both technical and soft skills are essential, especially during the first stage of a project. You must know the customer’s industry and business to be able to accurately ask questions during the discussion to help you discover the client’s expectations and tailor the solution to their needs. An architect should also be a visionary to see and predict the potential future directions of the project. Comprehensive knowledge of the technology is also extremely important, as its choice has a key impact on the project.

Do you see these qualities in yourself? Are you interested in working in the D365 area? Check our job offers.

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