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Meet Łukasz, an Analyst from Sii Warsaw, who visited 32 countries by motorcycle during his dream journey co-financed by the Passion Sponsorship Program. Watch the video to see his adventures

15 months and 32 countries visited by motorcycle – from Poland through Europe and Asia to New Zealand. This is the adventure of Łukasz, a Business Analyst from Sii Polska, and his wife Marta, who set off in pursuit of their dreams. The “Dream Catchers’ Journey” project was co-financed by Passion Sponsorship Program, in which the company supports employees who are #unstoppable in achieving ambitious and crazy goals. A documentary about Łukasz, Marta and their journeys has just been released.

Łukasz, a Business Analyst, who has been cooperating with Sii Polska since 2010, set off with his wife Marta on their long journey in the summer of 2019. He then talked about his plans and dreams in an interview for Sii Polska. The journey lasted 15 months – Łukasz and Marta travelled together through 32 countries until they reached their dream destination, New Zealand. A really interesting documentary about their adventures has just been released on YouTube:

The Sii Passion Sponsorship Program is a unique one for employees of the company, which supports them in achieving their dreams, goals and ambitions related to their private passions. In the Program, the company finances individual and group sports, technological and cultural projects.

If your passion is important to you and necessary for self-realization, work in a company that understands it perfectly and supports it – also financially. Check the offers and send your CV!

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