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Dynamic growth of Sii in Cracow

The Sii Cracow Branch has just launched a new office whose modern space is capable of hosting more IT projects for the company. Some of the engineers now being recruited by Sii will be employed at the integrator’s office situated at ul. Wielicka 72. Others will be assigned to the projects carried out at the offices of the largest Cracow companies who are Sii clients.

The recruitment needs are substantial indeed. ‘At the present moment we are recruiting candidates for over 150 positions’, says Ryszard Pytko, Director of the Cracow Sii Branch. ‘They include Java developers with varied experience, C++ , front-end and embedded system developers, automatic and manual testers, business and system analysts, embedded systems architects and electronics engineers. We are also looking for Java developers and automatic testers who are interested in cloud solutions or analysts with specific experience in financial sector.  

The recruitment demand is huge and the competition on the IT market in Cracow continues to grow; therefore, we carry out some of the projects in close cooperation with our IT Delivery Centre in Lublin. We are building teams with some of the specialists employed in Lublin and others in Cracow.’

Until recently, Lublin which cooperates closely with Cracow has been the youngest branch of Sii. As of April, this role has been taken over by Katowice. ‘The activity of our Cracow Branch has led to cooperation with a number of new major clients in Silesia who have a huge development potential’, replies Ryszard Pytko. ‘Since the beginning of Sii in Poland, i.e. since 2006, the strategy of the company has been to be as close to the client as possible. Thus, 8 branches have already been established. Cracow was the fifth office open in the fifth year of Sii Polska operation. The activity of our Małopolska team allowed us to expand to SIlesia. Sii Katowice is subordinated to the Cracow Branch with the sales strategy being carried out jointly’.

What constitutes the basis for such dynamic growth of Sii? No doubt, one of the factors is the technology being part of nearly every business area notwithstanding the economy sector. Some of the largest Sii clients are banks, hi-tech companies, companies from the automotive sector or energy companies. ‘We are carrying out large projects for these clients. For example, we are now automating tests of the central application managing the sale of products manufactured by a dozen or so factories owned by a global leader in the power and robotics sector. However, projects such as the CRM system implementation or development of a mobile application are being carried out also for smaller companies. e.g. from the media sector. ‘In all of the places, it is hard to overestimate a good IT’, says Ryszard Pytko. ‘In Cracow, we provide services of over 50 specialists to different companies. For example, they carry out really varied projects. An example may be a company operating in a tourist sector. Our specialists participate in 14 different projects of this client. Among other things, they develop a portal which is used as a communication interface between the agents working for travel agencies or as an application used to manage the plane crew time; they also develop an internal portal, dedicated to the client’s employees. Majority of the projects have strong development potential which is also confirmed by the experience of our colleagues from other Sii branches in Poland. The teams for the hi-tech sector clients are managed by the Sii branches located in Gdańsk, Warsaw, or Wrocław, each employing from 150 to 170 engineers. It allows us to believe that Cracow is just beginning to get things going’, adds Ryszard Pytko.

The Sii development is closely related to the quality of the services and a flexible approach to the client. ‘Competition in Cracow is certainly strong and the Clients praise us for involvement and flexible approach, which very often is hard to achieve while cooperating with an IT tycoon with well-developed and rigid procedures’, assures the Cracow Sii Branch Director.

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