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Efficient career management – SiiCareer System for KUL

It has taken only three months to fully implement the SiiCareer system at the Catholic University of Lublin. This innovative solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is a platform allowing optimization of both work at the Academic Career Center and recruitment processes they carry out. SiiCareer was also created with students and graduates entering the demanding job market in mind, taking into account their needs and challenges awaiting them. Now, around 800 people are using it, but the number is predicted to grow to even 1 500 within the next few months.

– Thanks to the implementation of SiiCareer the Catholic University of Lublin gets a chance to support students and their career development right from the start – says Piotr Żukowski, Business Unit Director at Sii Polska. – The integrated system based on three components, i.e. Portal for Clients, Portal for Employers, and Career Navigator, makes getting through all stages of the job-search or candidate-selection process in a smooth manner possible, at the same time enabling you to verify whether the potential employer is scrupulous – he explains.

The SiiCareer solution provides unlimited access to a database integrated in real time. Student profiles, Employer base, job and training Offers, and Career Center’s Event Calendar can be found there. Auto-matching of candidates with specific offers selected based on the provided criteria proves to be a highly effective feature. Also, the system offers a wide range of dynamic reports, as well as auto notifications and surveys.

– As a prestigious academic institution, we have maintained the highest educational standards for years. We feel responsible for our students and aim to strongly support them in their career-related choices through education. That’s why we made a decision to invest in a technological platform, with the help of which establishing cooperation and choosing its form would not be a problem – says Marta Wziątek, Project Manager at KUL. – We’ve implemented SiiCareer to shorten the distance between an often-confused employee entering the market and their future employer. To our great satisfaction, the system has been favorably received and students have already started building long-term employment relationships – she adds.

The integrated IT system developed by Sii Polska finds application in curriculum planning. The use of the categorization function taking into account the collected data is an ideal method to adjust the proposed teaching program to the needs of students. In addition, the solution implemented by KUL performs administrative tasks, including student and scientific staff management, which according to the employees has greatly facilitated work. It also supports promotional activities by sending mailings to employers and business partners.

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