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Engineering is more than just a passion for women at Sii – get to know their technological projects

On June 23rd the whole world celebrates the International Women in Engineering Day – a UNESCO campaign, appreciating women’s achievements in science since 2016. Therefore, Sii decided to ask female industrial engineer experts from the Engineering Competency Center about their day-to-day projects and what do they enjoy the most in their job.

Variety of competences

The Engineering Competence Center gathers female experts in the fields of e.g., Automatics, Robotics, PLC programming, MES systems and SCADA applications programing, and Mechanical Design. On their everyday basis they work for such industries as automotive or semiconductors. And the team is still dynamically growing!  Sii Poland is being involved in more and more comprehensive projects for big international brands – hence, we are constantly looking for new engineering talents and we are expanding our team in 14 branches throughout Poland.

– I am a MES systems and SCADA applications programmer – says Magdalena Marks, Software Engineer at Sii Poland. – On an everyday basis at Sii, I create industrial systems that combines data from various sources and I present it in an operator-friendly manner. For example: I download specific product data of an item planned to be manufactured according to a planner’s or analyst’s schedule. Then, I download information about the recipe or settings from the database. As a next step, I program communication and information reaches the production machines. Finally, I present everything on the screen, so the operator is able to change the settings of a given production or simply control the entire process – e.g., check the temperature or other parameters – she adds.

Engineering is more than just a job

And how did our experts start their interest in engineering? Since they were little kids, they developed their passion to technology. – I’ve always been curious about how and why do things work. Also, my grandfather used to work at Gdansk University of Technology, so I used to spend a great part of my holidays there when I was younger. I was walking with him around the studios and I was looking with a great interest at all the cables and wires. Few years later, I attended to the same department where he used to work – says Magdalena Marks.

– I am a Mechanical Design Engineer. For over 2,5 years I have been designing various tools for a client from the semiconductors industry, enabling the service of the machines – Katarzyna Suwińska from Sii Poland. – As a child, I used to spend every summer holidays in the garage with my grandfather. He was the one who ignited my and my brother’s passion for motorization and technology, and it has remained that way ever since. As an engineer, I enjoy the diversity of my tasks the most. Each phase of the project requires a different scope of abilities and different tasks to be delivered. One day some calculations need to be done, another one I have 3D modeling on my list, and another – 2D drawings. Thanks to such changes and variability of duties, I do not feel monotonous at work, even for a moment – she adds. 

Sii Poland supports self-development and passion

Being a part of the Engineering Competency Center does not only mean working in interesting projects for the biggest international clients. For Sii Poland the development of the workers is what really matters and this is the idea standing beneath the unique Passion Sponsorship Program. Thanks to the Program, the workers can easily implement their offside projects and fulfill their (not only engineering!) dreams. Sii’s specialists have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

– The project I am most proud of is DMI Robot made by Sii Poland for Bombardier as well as Siimulator, the racing simulator, a project designed after working hours and financed by the Passion Sponsorship Program. Both of these projects were implemented in interdisciplinary teams, which gave me a great experience in other engineering sectors and it widened my horizons – says Katarzyna Suwińska.

– What I really enjoy in this job is the constant change, each project differs from the previous one. Besides, the technology is constantly moving forward, new versions of programs are regularly being released and trends are changing. All of this makes it hard to get bored in engineering – says Magdalena Marks. – Every implemented project makes me happy. I feel great when I see that the final users of my systems are satisfied. I am glad to hear that it works well, this is all what matters. Because every job I do at Sii, I do it to make other’s daily work easier – she adds.

Join our Industrial Enginerring team.

Get to know more about Siimulator and the Passion Sponsorship Program.

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