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Find out how Ewa, Senior Recruitment Specialist, rapidly developed her career at Sii. To celebrate 500 Power People at Sii, we talk to employees who have contributed enormously to our growth in recent years!

Quality is her middle name. Ewa has a track record of numerous successes, one of the biggest being her presence in the TOP 3 recruitment ranking at Sii Poland.

There are already more than 500 Power People at the Sii’s Silesian branches. To mark the occasion, we interviewed employees who have made a strong contribution to the company’s development in recent years, and their attitude and commitment cannot be passed by indifferently. Read the interview with our second heroine of the “500 Power People at Sii in Silesia” campaign. – Ewa, Senior Recruitment Specialist at Sii Poland!

Your adventure at Sii began in 2018. How did you join our company?

Before I joined Sii, I took my first steps as an assistant at a recruitment agency, where I was just beginning to get acquainted with my job, although it was quite a different market area. At that moment, I didn’t think about changing jobs at all, because I liked the one I had. The fact that I joined Sii was determined by the power of headhunting.

I learned about the company and an open vacancy in the Katowice recruitment team from a message on LinkedIn. What’s more, I didn’t respond to it right away, because changing jobs was the last thing I thought about then. In addition, I had some doubts about changing the industry to IT, which I didn’t know much about from the recruitment side then. However, the message was written in such an interesting way that in the end, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to try. I started with a phone interview, then had another two meetings in the office, and finally joined the team.

What ultimately weighed on my decision, however, was curiosity, the prospect of learning a new area and sharpening my recruiting skills – besides, I remember that I was very positively surprised by the atmosphere that prevailed at the meetings. I was also surprised by the look of the office – the Katowice branch was still in the process of moving to the target space at Ściegiennego Street, and the makeshift office didn’t quite suit a company like Sii at that point.

What did it turn out to be? It’s been my 4th year on the job, and I’m still happy that I responded to this message at the end of 2017.

The first position that you took at Sii was Junior Recruitment Specialist. What were the first weeks and months of your work like?

I remember the beginning of my work in the Sii team very well. I spent the first weeks and months getting to know the ins and outs of the IT industry, through training courses or conversations with engineers to understand exactly what they do and what they work with. Very quickly, I became so absorbed that after work I also spent a lot of my free time reading various articles or browsing industry forums.

Then, with the support of the team, I got introduced to my target role, mainly searching our candidate database and LinkedIn then. Later, there came the time for getting accustomed to conducting phone screenings and recruitment interviews, taking into account both the quality of the process and Candidate Experience.

The first challenges I faced were mainly connected with the difficulty of the market – the IT industry is a passive market. This was different compared to the recruitment process I supported at my previous company.

Looking back over the past years, I feel that my biggest challenge so far has not been a specific recruitment or a difficult project – after all, my job is to find a way out of such difficult projects and finalize them. Rather, it has been facing the new reality after the outbreak of the pandemic. The market as we knew it became a complete rollercoaster. In addition to the initial uncertainty and the decline in ongoing projects, we suddenly faced various changes related to the team, like changes in structures, in procedures, in the way we operate and approach recruitment. As the market opened up to remote work, we got a very large increase in new vacancies and had to handle a much larger number of projects. The number of meetings with candidates increased fast, and it required a rearrangement of our workflow and a change in the approach to job applicants.

What I learned during the initial period of my work, and what I still can confirm to this day, is that the IT industry and the people who make it up have nothing to do with the stereotypical image of an IT professional. I also learned that IT has many faces – it’s made up of people full of all sorts of passions, and ambitions and implementing such a variety of projects that it’s impossible to grow bored with it.

After only two years, you were promoted to Recruitment Specialist and later Senior Recruitment Specialist position. How did you manage to do this in such a short period?

These few years spent at Sii have been a series of constant challenges, generated both by recruitment projects, but also, by the many changes on various levels that have taken place during this time and to which we have had to adapt. In my case, the challenges contributed to the acquisition of new competencies, which did not go unnoticed in terms of development opportunities in my position.

I think that full flexibility, the ability to quickly switch to a new operational scheme, the willingness to experiment and test new methods when the old ones were no longer effective overnight, as well as maintaining work quality with a substantial increase in the number of projects and candidates included in the process, made my position in the team stronger. It also helped me gain new experiences that I can now share with new team members.

We know that you are in the TOP 3 of the recruitment ranking. Do you have any advice for other recruiters to help get closer to your success?

The recruitment ranking is created based on certain guidelines, which include the number of candidates hired and their level of experience. Points are awarded according to these criteria.

Over the past two years, the market has changed a lot, which has changed the recruitment dynamics. I think the ability to adapt to these conditions while maintaining quality and good relations with the business has contributed to my success. Delivering results, keeping the quality, and responding fast are of course vital and serve as a certain basis for our work, however, I think that self-motivation is equally helpful in achieving success. For me, score bars in the chart have never been a main source of motivation. I draw the greatest satisfaction from teamwork and from the fact that the recruitment and the sales teams in Katowice act as a single team. Although they sometimes argue, they play towards the same goal. It is worth keeping this in mind.

Considering all of Sii’s values, which ones seem closest to you and why?

I identify with all of our values, of course, a sense of responsibility, inquisitiveness, and transparency are particularly important. Whereas at work, but also in everyday life, quality is the one I feel closest to. I always start tasks or projects by collecting a large amount of information, which I analyze and plan further work, taking into account all relevant issues and timeliness. The nature of my role is very dynamic, and with ever-changing requirements, it is necessary to constantly adjust my actions at a swift pace, or start work from scratch. With my meticulousness and tendency toward perfectionism, it can be difficult, so I try to let the principle of “Done is better than perfect” reign in my life from time to time.

Finally, tell us how you spend your time outside of work.

I don’t even know where to start. My free time isn’t directly proportional to the number of activities that absorb me, unfortunately. After work, I usually spend my time with my family or among friends or colleagues. Although I enjoy being with people close to me and meeting new ones, I equally value time spent in my own company, usually with a book in hand. To be honest, I rarely pass by a bookstore without buying a new book. I’m a big fan of crime stories and psychological thrillers. Engaging in this type of literary fiction probably consumes me the most, because it requires critical and analytical thinking, making theses, and researching facts or character motivations, which allows me to relax, de-stress, and lose myself for a while. A few years ago, I even started to write my own book, but it turned out that it wasn’t as easy as I initially thought, so for the time being, I abandoned the idea, but maybe one day I will come back to it.

From time to time, I spend my free time in front of the big screen. Even though I much prefer a book to a movie, if I come across a good one, I’ll likely watch it at least a few more times with the same interest and in fairly short intervals.

If not with a book or at the cinema, I can most likely be found in the workout room accompanied by the rhythms that I can’t even imagine a day without. My great passion is dance. Many years ago it was hip-hop and street dance, then salsa, but my heart was eventually stolen by High Heels, to which I devote a lot of my free time.

The other extreme of my interests is Formula 1. I never thought that this sport could take me so much, but for the past 2 years, I have not missed any of the Sunday races on the track during the ongoing season.

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