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Find your new career path and become a developer with Sii Poland

On June 22, Sii Poland launches the first training in the “Become a Developer” series, which aims to prepare participants to work as junior programmers. The new training program will be based on three competency paths: Java, Python and Front-end. The trainings in first editions, which participants can sign up for in May, are available at promotional prices.

Reaction to market needs

The IT labor market in Poland is constantly growing and new IT specialists are sought. Sii Poland is also constantly looking for new job candidates. Seeing such a high demand, we decided to launch the “Become a Developer” training series. The courses are addressed to people who want to start their career in programming and do not necessarily have specialist education or previous experience in IT.

– We will help graduates find employment with Sii by including them in our recruitment processes. Of course, this does not automatically mean employment because recruitment depends on Sii’s specific project needs. However, our previous experience shows that people participating in the “Become a Tester” courses have a real chance to join Sii – says Rafał Kwatek, Offering Lead and Trainer at Sii Poland.

Trainings in key technologies – what to choose?

“Become a Developer” program will be based on three competency paths:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Front-end

Technologies related to programming can be divided into front-end and back-end. Front-end is connected with those parts of websites and web applications that are visible to the end-user. The front-end path is suitable for those with a strong aesthetic sense because their basic task is to create clear and intuitive solutions for users. Developing front-end solutions is associated with the use of various technologies, platforms or programming languages. As part of our course we will present HTML, CSS, JavaScript, node.js, npm, React, XML, JSON and NoSQL, among others.

Back-end technologies include creating the logic of the system for collecting, processing and providing information to the front-end layer, responsible for its visualization. The back-end solutions are  suitable for people with an analytical way of thinking and systematic approach. As part of our courses focused on back-end technologies, we prepared two paths based on Java and Python programming languages.

Java has been one of the most popular and, according to some, the most popular programming language in the world for many years. This is also confirmed by statistics, showing a large number of job offers for people familiar with this technology. Java is very often used by international corporations, including those in the financial industry. The advantage of Java is that it can work on any platform (including Windows, iOS, Linux) as well as in a mainframe-type environment. However, Java is not the easiest technology to master, so we recommend the course to people who have at least minimal experience in the field of IT.

Python is also one of the very well-known programming languages – its popularity has been increasing strongly in recent years. Python is much easier to learn than Java, which is why we recommend it to beginners. It is worth adding that despite its simplicity, Python offers great possibilities and is very often used by scientists and statisticians. With this technology, you can not only create web applications but also solve complex problems in the area of machine learning and big data.

– As part of the Java course, we prepare participants for the international Oracle Certified Java Programmer exam which certifies that specialist knowledge and skills were acquired. Above all, the obtained certificate is an additional advantage during job interviews. Although we allow participants to pay for the exam, its taking is not obligatory. In the case of the Front-end and Python courses, we decided that the training will not prepare the participants for external exams. However, we want them to be able to verify their knowledge and confirm their skills, which is why both trainings will end with an internal exam. We will issue Front-end Certified Sii Developer and Python Certified Sii Developer certificates to people who pass it. The cost of these exams is included in the price of the course – says Rafał Kwatek.

Online courses and promotional prices

All “Become a Developer” (as well as “Become a Tester”) trainings are available online. It is also planned to organize them on-site. The thematic scope of online and on-site courses is identical. The advantage of online trainings is that participants can learn about the specifics of working in dispersed environments, which is very often required by employers nowadays.

The first courses will start in June and July 2020. The training registration process was launched in May. The number of people to participate in each edition is limited, so the registration order is crucial. Those  who do not manage to sign up for the course on a chosen date will be offered an alternative date. The trainings in first editions are available at promotional prices.

Training experience

“Become a Developer” is not the first project of this type implemented by Sii Poland Training Practice. The first series of trainings, which was aimed at making it easier for participants to change their career path and find themselves on the labor market, was the “Become a Tester” series. Over the last years, over 40 training sessions have been organized and almost 500 people have been trained. Over 50 graduates have been employed by Sii.

– We can see that the participants are doing well on the labor market and often work for our clients or competitors – says Rafał Kwatek.

Visit our website and sign up for the following trainings:

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