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Flagship Sii events at the end of the year

2  flagship events, over 700 participants and IT specialists from all over the world – this is a summary of the final three months of 2017, with a focus on events organised by us. The letimotif for October was the GET.NET Conference. November belonged to the all-night hackathon Let’s Code.

An autumn of technology

The Conference GET.NET – is a permanent position in the Sii calendar. This international event, dedicated to this technology, takes place twice a year, under the direction of the branches: Sii Lodz and Sii Gdansk. The winner of the autumn event was the team from Pomerania.

On Saturday, 28 October, for the fourth time, IT specialists met in Gdansk to try to recognise trends in a range of technology, exchange knowledge and start networking. This year, in the GET.NET Conference, 350 participants and twelve .NET experts took part in nine hours of presentations. .NET authorities appeared on two stages: Nino Crudele (United Kingdom), Dylan Beattie (United Kingdom), Tomáš Herceg (Czech Republic), Don Wibier (Netherlands), Ian Cooper (United Kingdom), Tomasz Kopacz, Marcin Hoppe, Michał Furmankiewicz, Łukasz Grala, Jakub Gutkowski, Mateusz Kowalewski, Bartosz Bucoń (Poland). For the second time in a row, the honorary patron of the event was the President of Gdansk, Paweł Adamowicz and partners in the event included:, Microsoft Poland, Computerworld Poland, Komputer Świat, Crossweb,, ChallengeRocket, Outsourcing Portal, Outsourcing&More, Grupa .NET PG, WSB.Code, Gdańsk, Invest in Gda, Helion, Invest in Pomerania and BEST.

Preparations for the Lodz GET.NET, to be held in the autumn of 2018, are in progress. Detailed information regarding the event can be found on the pages of and on Facebook

Record results for the hackathon night

In November, however, we prepared a night dedicated to our young programming talents – Let’s code. The hackathon all-nighter, organised by Sii, is attracting more and more teams, this year beating all previous records!

The number of registered teams surpassed all expectations! 107 teams registered, that is over 350 people. This means that all the places prepared for the teams in all Sii branches were taken. A maximum number – 76 teams were qualified to the I stage, which gave 250 participants!

There was an improvement in the quality of the applications produced. The jury for the first stage, awarded the team members with a Samsung Gear S2 classic watch. Three teams qualified for the global competition from among those who had won a place on the podium in the local stage. The applications that fought for the main prizes can be found on the internet page of

The winner of the main prize – 10,000 PLN was the Petalert application from Lublin.

The hackathon attracted a record number of 45 sponsors! These were: Havard Business Review Poland, ICAN, Dziennik Wschodni, TVP3 Łódź,, the President of the city of Lodz, the School of Informatics and Skills, the University of Lodz, Programmers – Magazyn, Warszawski Programista, Wroclife, Nasz Głos Poznański,, Outsourcing&More, Outsourcing Portal, Magazyn Studentów Semestr, Polskie Radio Lublin, Radio Poznań, Radio Kampus, Radio UG MORS – Mega Otwarte Radio Studenckie, Radio Freee, Studenckie Radio Żak Politechniki Łódzkiej, Radio Centrum, Lublin Miasto Inspiracji, Forum Młodych Lewiatan LUBLIN,,, Młodzi w Łodzi, Business Link Lublin, Inkubatory AIP, Lublin Nasze Miasto, Lubelska Wyżyna IT, Grupa .NET PG, WSB.Code();, Szkoła Programowania WSEI, Biuro Karier KUL, Biuro Karier Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Koło Naukowe Informatyków, Koło Naukowe Kolor, Podaj Dalej, Muzeum Historii Komputerów i Informatyki, Fundacja Światowego Tygodnia Przedsiębiorczości,

Sii is backed up by experts and enthusiasts, who are more than willing to share their knowledge of a range of technologies and more. There is no lack of willingness to take part in organised events, provided, of course, that they are organised with the highest standards in mind.

Article written by: Martyna Kalicka

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