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GET.NET Conference 2017 – .NET experts from around the world are coming to Gdańsk

For three years GET.NET Conference in Gdańsk has gathered global authorities of .NET technology and a substantial audience coming from all over the country. As it is every year, the organizers selected presentations of high substantive value. On October 28th the participants will have the chance to listen about Microsoft Azure platform, ASP .NET Core, building applications using Xamarin and serverless solutions.

GET.NET is a cyclical programming conference, which is held twice a year – in Lódź and Gdańsk – as an initiative of Sii Poland. The GET.NET conference is the first enterprise of such magnitude in the field of .NET and similar technologies in Poland. The event is designed for experienced programmers, testers, managers IT students and all enthusiasts of new technologies.

On October 28th over 400 people will have the chance to participate in presentations performed by .NET authorities from Poland and abroad in Amber Expo, a modern exhibition and conference centre. This year’s key note speaker is Tomasz Kopacz, a highly regarded expert working for Microsoft, who will talk about the possibilities and performance of .NET Core, IL and ASP.NET Core. Bartosz Bucoń and Mateusz Kowalewski – representing Sii, will hold a live-coding session during which they will build an application in Xamarin, which enables the programmers to write code for three platforms – iOS, Android and UWP. Whereas Dylan Beattie (Microsoft MVP) from Great Britain, who is both a .NET specialist and a musician, will perform on the GET.NET stage with his guitar.

GET.NET is an excellent place to establish contacts with professionals from across Poland and to share IT knowledge. The organizer of the autumn edition of the GET.NET Conference is Sii, which employs over 3000 engineers. Sii is the Top IT and Engineering services provider in Poland. We execute various technology projects for leading Polish and multinational companies. We support our clients in the area of software development, IT infrastructure, product engineering, service desk, training and testing.


Tomasz Kopacz „Net Core and ASP.NET Core – the possibilities of the new platform”

Bartosz Bucoń and Mateusz Kowalewski „A mobile application in one hour? On 3 platforms? Hold my beer…”

Don Wibier „Keyboards? Where we’re going, we don’t need keyboards”

Nino Crudele „Agile and cognitive Integration using Microsoft Azure and .Net Framework”

Marcin Hoppe „Everything you’ve always wanted to know about messaging but were afraid to ask”

Łukasz Grala „AI in our solutions”

Tomas Herceg „DotVVM: MVVM web apps in ASP.NET Core”

Michał Furmankiewicz „Sitting on the fence of choosing the best platform to deliver your app in Azure. Lessons Learned”

Jakub Gutkowski „Serverless – about the architecture and serverless solutions”

Ian Cooper „12-Factor Apps”

Register today and take part in one of the biggest conferences devoted to the .NET technology in the CEE region.

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