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GET.NET – one of the biggest programming conferences now in Łódź

On April 22, 2017 in Łódź on of the biggest .Net conferences will take place – GET.NET. In the program you will find 10 presentations of renown and honored experts from Poland and abroad. Come to the philology department of the Łódź University – it’s already the 7th edition of the event! The organizer of the conference is Sii Poland.

GET.NET is a cyclic programming conference organized twice a year – in Łódź and Gdańsk, by Sii. Already over 2000 persons have had the chance of participating in GET .NET events. With every year this group is getting bigger and GET.NET is getting more and more popular in the IT society in Poland and in Central Europe. The lecturers of GET.NET are renown and honored in the world .NET experts, like Udi Dahan, Mathias Brandewinder, Iris Classon, or Maurice de Beijer. The audience brings together experienced programmers, testers, project managers as well as IT students and all aficionados of new technologies.

This edition of GET.NET will host such speakers as: Evelina Gabasova, Christian Heilmann, Mathew McLoughlin, Liama Westley and, last but not least, Christian Horsdal, the author of „Microservices in .NET” published in 2016. Among the local stars of GET.NET you will see: Jakub Gutkowski, Szymon Kulec, Paweł Tymura, Krzysztof Cieślak and Bartosz Sypytkowski. Let us also underline the fact that as many as 7 speakers of the GET.NET conference are holders of the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

The conference focuses primarily on the Microsoft technology and Microsoft-based solutions. You can expect lectures on the use of these technologies for creating scalable, dispersed systems, as well as sessions highlighting the possible use of other programming languages, such as Elixir or, the very popular in the .NET world, F# language, in very unorthodox applications.

The conference sessions of 60 minutes will be held in two lecture rooms simultaneously, except for opening and closing lectures, which will be held in the auditorium. The goal of the organizers is to provide participants with a huge dose of fresh programming knowledge. Apart from lectures, there will also be time for networking, which is a great way of exchanging experiences, and finding contacts in the IT community.

Sii Poland, along with the „Krwinka” Foundation, The Bone Marrow Donor Center in Łódź and the Philology Faculty of the Łódź University, would also like to invite everybody on this day, to become members of the Polish Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Everybody can come, not only participants of the conference, but also all persons, who would like to help sufferers of leukemia and other diseases of the hematopoietic system.

You can register to GET.NET using the following link Admission is paid.
The number of participants is limited. More information about the conference available under

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