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GET.NET – the biggest programming conference is back in Gdańsk

On October 15, 2016 GET.NET – the greatest .NET conference in Northern Poland will be once again held in Gdańsk. The program of GET.NET contains 11 speeches of well known and respected experts from around the world. Mathias Brandewinder – a special guest from the United States, will be the Keynote speaker of the event. We invite you to Amber Expo – it is already the 6th edition of the conference!

GET.NET is a cyclical programming conference, which is organized twice a year – in Lódź and Gdańsk, at the initiative of Sii. So far, more than 1,500 participants have had the opportunity to participate in the events of the GET.NET series. Year after year this number is growing, and GET.NET has become very popular in the IT environment in Poland and Central Europe. Renown and respected throughout the world .NET experts hold their presentations at GET.NET, including: Udi Dahan, Oren Eini, Iris Classon or Maurice de Beijer. The GET.NET audience is composed of experienced programmers, testers, project managers, as well as IT students and all enthusiasts of new technologies, especially .NET.

Undoubtedly the star of the upcoming edition of GET.NET, will be Mathias Brandewinder from the US – author of many books, an authority figure at F#. In addition, the participants of GET.NET will attend the presentations of Glenn Henriksen from Norway, and Sebastien Lamble from the UK. Speakers from Poland will also provide participants with a solid dose of technical knowledge. On the stage of GET.NET, native stars, will give their presentations: Tomasz Kopacz, Michał Smereczyński, Grzegorz Rycaj, Sławomir Sobótka, Tomasz Onyszko, Szymon Kulec, Szymon Komorowski and Piotr Kątny.

The initiator and organizer of the GET.NET conference is Sii and the strategic partner of the project is the City of Gdańsk.

You can register to GET.NET at The number of participants is limited. The detailed program is also available at

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