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Get to know the heroes of the #UnstoppableSii campaign and find out how our work changes the world

This year, Sii Poland achieved 3 milestones: 15 years on the market, 6 000 experts, PLN 1 billion in revenue. The company launched a nationwide campaign to share these results with the world, and above all to thank its workers for their contribution to these achievements. Behind all the company’s successes are Sii Power People with their knowledge, passion and energy, and they are the heroes of ecological murals that are being painted in 5 Polish cities, and films from which you can find out how much impact their work has on the world around us. Find out why Sii Power People are unstoppable!

“Unstoppable for 15 years” is the newest nationwide campaign of Sii Poland,  celebrated by the company with exceeding the number of 6 000 specialists and PLN 1 billion in revenue. Despite the pandemic, Sii continues to develop dynamically – last quarter ended with a record-breaking recruitment results: 806 new workers joined the company. Moreover, this year it took 1st place in the Great Place to Work Poland ranking in the category of large enterprises over 500 people and 2nd place in the European edition of the competition.

In order to thank the workers for their contribution to the company’s development, ecological anti-smog murals are being created in 5 Polish cities, which in total will reduce as much pollution as over 1 000 trees. The heroes of the large-format walls are 3 workers – Kasia from Sii Warsaw, Kamil from Sii Katowice and Remek from Sii Lublin.

Kasia, Kamil and Remek – large-format heroes

Kamil Hajda, Team Leader and Architect from Sii Katowice, has been working for the company since the beginning of 2016 – currently for a Japanese client from the automotive industry. At the same time, he is the leader of the Sii Cycling Team project, a local amateur cycling group of 14 people, which competes in road, MTB, cross-country and gravel races. This season, the players stood on the podium more than 20 times. Sii Cycling Team is the title sponsor of the group, co-financed by the Sii’s Passion Sponsorship Program.

– My photo, which is on the mural, was taken at the race in Rajcza, in June 2019, on one of the steep climbs. It was a great racing! – says Kamil Hajda, who develops his great passion with great support from Sii. – I am glad that I became the face of the #UnstoppableSii campaign, because it puts the achievements, ambitions and hard work of people who work at Sii in the first place. I really feel that I am important to the company – adds Kamil.

Kasia Cepińska, Senior Data Scientist from the Warsaw branch of Sii, talks about her participation in the campaign and draws attention to its ecological aspect. – On a daily basis, I work in projects that have a positive impact on the work and life of others. I am glad that the campaign of Sii Polska also has a positive effect. The murals could be painted with ordinary paint, then they would only be an advertisement, and therefore they are anti-smog. This is a big plus! – says Katarzyna Cepińska.

In her daily work, currently in a project for a client from the construction industry, involving the automation of key data extraction, she values interdisciplinarity the most. – Probably that’s why work is so addictive for me. I use many different skills in it and I have to constantly expand my knowledge. Constant inquisitiveness counts! – adds Katarzyna.

The third hero of the campaign is Remek Bednarczyk from Sii Lublin, who has been working at Sii Poland for 4 years, and currently acts as a Lead Test in 4 projects for a client from the medical industry. – My job is to manage a team of 10 testers, with whom we work together on the development of applications in the ETL process, focusing on the processing of patient data – says Remek. – For 4 years at Sii I have been involved in various professional activities: conducting technical talks, writing e-learning courses or conducting training for ISTQB certification as part of the “Become a Tester” training. Gaining experience related to both test management and their automation, I decided to follow the leadership path, setting myself 2 ambitious goals: to become a Test Manager and get all levels from the advanced ISTQB certification path. I have already achieved my first dream, I miss the last specialization path for the second one, but it’s coming soon! In addition, Sii supports me in my passion, which I share with other employees as part of the local running group – adds Remek.

Power People change the world

As part of the Sii’s campaign, the company created also films with Power People talking about what they do on a daily basis. Meet Krzysiek, Kasia Tomek and Piotrek and find out about working at Sii!

Krzysiek: “Thanks to such projects, you know that you are unstoppable!”

Meet Krzysiek Miszewski, who is a Java Developer and a Scrum Master working at the financial payment solutions for over 600 million people around the world. In private, Krzysiek is also a great triathlete, whose passion was appreciated by Sii Poland – he received a grant in the Sii Passion Sponsorship Program and now he trains to represent Sii in the Triathlon World Championship. Check what Krzysiek says about his work. 

Kasia: “I know what I want and how to achieve it.”

Kasia Łabędź is a Senior Python Developer, an internal trainer, awarded Sii Star 2020 title for best workers who have contributed the most to the company’s growth. Kasia has worked on many projects related to the healthcare, rail and automotive industries, mainly run by the Embedded Competence Center. Check on what she is working now and why she feels unstoppable.

Tomek: “The more difficult the challenges are,  the more they motivate me to work.”

Tomek Adamczyk is a Control System Engineer, responsible for the programming and configuration of SCADA systems driving wind farms for the leading Danish wind turbine manufacturer. Thanks to his work getting energy from the wind is more effective and costs of equipment maintenance are lower. What does Tomek value the most in this project? – see in the video.

Piotrek: “I love to be involved in the projects that change the world.”

Piotrek Reddig – a Python Developer, working on a testing framework for the hearing aid software from a leading global manufacturer. He contributes to the hearing improvement of millions of people around the world!  As he says, he appreciates the sense of meaning at his work. What else? – watch the video. 

If you want to be one of Sii’s experts who feel the meaningfulness of their work and have an impact on millions of people around the world, check who we are looking for and apply! 

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