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Heading North. Now Sii is even closer to Scandinavian clients

For over 13 years, Sii Poland has been a stable and competent partner for companies from all around the world including Scandinavia. Sii Poland decided to expand on that market and to open a subsidiary in Sweden. Thanks to this step we are closer to our existing customers and have better possibilities to approach the new ones on the Nordic market.

Sii Sweden AB, a new subsidiary of Sii Poland, is based in central Stockholm, the heart of Scandinavia. We talk to Jacek Ziółkowski, Sii Sweden Managing Director about the prospects of developing new business, the specificity of the Swedish market and the benefits of choosing a Polish partner in the area of IT services, engineering and BPO.

Where did the idea and decision to open a subsidiary in Sweden come from?

Jacek Ziółkowski: The decision to launch Sii Sweden was taken last year, and for several reasons, it was a natural step for Sii to head for the Nordics. First of all, we already have 15 Swedish clients and by opening a new office we wanted to get closer to them to be able to develop our cooperation. The main goal behind the decision was to increase the scale of provided services through strengthening Sii Poland offshore business, build local business in Sweden and offering Mixed Delivery Teams model (a combination of remote and local service delivery). Last but not least, we are aiming at conquering new markets and building local business in other countries.

At what stage of development is it currently?

J.Z.: Currently, Sii Sweden AB is operational. We have registered the Limited Liability Company at the Swedish authorities and set up an office in the central part of Stockholm. At the moment, we are recruiting specialists both in Sweden and Poland to ramp-up our “Swedish” teams. Obviously, we are also looking for new customers on the local market.

How do Swedish customers perceive Polish experts with whom they work for years as part of a partnership with Sii Polska?

J.Z.: When we launched Sii Sweden, our Polish company already had well-established business relationships with several well-known Swedish brands in the banking, automotive, engineering, manufacturing, railway and retail sectors. Over the years, together with our business, we have been constantly growing our trust and credibility and overall brand recognition. Our experts – their skills, professionalism and performance are highly appreciated by the Swedish customers what allows us to realize more and more interesting and complex projects. Positive assessment of our engineers is also the result of their high engagement in projects, great knowledge and responsiveness. What is important and constitutes our distinguishing feature is the flexibility in cooperation and the short time of delivering resources following the client’s current needs.

Naturally, there are many challenges ahead of us but we strongly believe that this experience is a good foundation for Sii Sweden AB and our further expansion in the Nordics.

What is the specificity of the Swedish market? What services does Sii offer here?

J.Z.: On one hand, Sweden is a modern technological hub driven by innovation, it’s a land of unicorns like Spotify or Minecraft and many start-ups, but on the other hand, it has also mature and well-established global companies like e.g. Ericsson, Volvo, H&M or IKEA. All face, similar challenges – lack of competences and resources. It is estimated that 70 000 specialists will be needed in Sweden in 2020. With over 4 000 IT and engineering specialists on board providing world-class services and solutions, Sii responds to those needs. As One-Stop-Shop, we provide competencies in numerous technology areas like software development, Enterprise Applications, IT infrastructure, product engineering, BPO, service desk, training, consulting and testing. As I mentioned before, all of them can be served in flexible cooperation models.

What cooperation models do we offer to Swedish clients and how do they look like?

J.Z.: We offer our clients three cooperation models to choose from. The first one is Nearshoring – service provided remotely from Poland like Staffing, Extending Delivery Teams, Solutions and Projects, Managed Services and Trainings. We are able to do that thanks to having over 4 000 specialists on board and being a One-Stop Shop provider with broad expertise in-house. The second model, called Local Services, is based on providing local, Swedish and English speaking Consultants, also from Poland (Staffing, Extended Delivery Teams) as well as delivering projects in Sweden. Finally, the third option is Mixed Delivery Team – model provided jointly in Sweden and from Poland where our clients benefit from having both local engineers on-site e.g. Team Leader, PM, Test Manager, Architect, Developers etc. and remote teams in Poland which are still more available and cost-effective compared to Swedish standards. We believe that by giving an option to choose the optimal cooperation model we provide our clients with maximum flexibility in achieving business goals.

What are the advantages for Swedish companies of cooperating with a Polish company?

J.Z.: Poland is considered as the best nearshoring destination in Europe in general. There are some natural reasons like geographical proximity – Sweden has a short distance to Poland with direct flights and is located in the same time zone. What’s more, there are some cultural and professional issues which add a great value to such cooperation. We share cultural synergy, offer good command of English, competitive rates and high productivity. According to various independent rankings, Polish developers are in the TOP three in the world. Finally, Sii is a Great Place to Work – we got awarded 5 times in a row in Poland and for the second time in Europe this year. What does it mean to our customers? We attract great specialists and make sure to help them to be the best performers and to be happy and proud of their great work.

Sii offers IT experts the opportunity to carry out projects for Swedish clients, both in Stockholm and other Swedish locations. We have just launched our new website where you can find all information about our services and available job offers. If you want to join Sii or find out how Sii can support the development of your company, please contact our experts.

Vi ses i Stockholm!

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