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Helping together is a great power – a summary of Sii’s socially responsible activities

A fourth edition of Power Volunteers has just started. In the first phase Sii emoloyees submit projects, which they want to pursue with friends or family with Sii’s financial support. During recent editions many worthy initiatives dedicated to different age groups were introduced – from fairy tales for children to workshops for seniors.

zdjecie 1 angThe cyclical Sii Power Volunteers program has been officially established in December 2016. All the projects are initiatives of Sii Power People, who have applied in previous editions, fought for the grant and realized their ideas, which aim at helping the ones in need. The initiators, who pursue the projects after hours, are responsible for their implementation. Sii’s role is to support them financially, and, if there is such a need, in organization and promotion. Therefore, congratulations are in order to all volunteers for their time, energy and work.

The spectrum of help, which is provided by Sii Power Volunteers, is very wide. Technological workshops dedicated to youth, writing fairy tales for children based on Sii values, substantive support for seniors, sharing knowledge and material assistance for animals – these are only some of many ideas implemented within the last year’s edition of Sii’ voluntary program. Successful projects can become an inspiration for new initiatives to be submitted in the fourth edition of Sii Power Volunteers.

Projects of the third edition of Sii Power Volunteers Program

img2Cyber security for seniors
Last year two editions of workshops for people over 50 years old who are active users of the Internet took place in Poznan. This project was initiated by Jakub Marczyński, a System Administrator at Sii Poznań. In October and November he and Artur Krychowski, an Application Support Specialist, performed workshops for a group of seniors on how to avoid on-line data theft, how to buy via Internet, how to perform online money transfers safely and how to use e-mail and social media wisely. The classes received positive feedback from the participants, who pointed out the high quality of the content and a new perspective on cyber security.

Share Your Sii-shirt

On the 29th of November, the final of the “Share Your Sii-shirt” campaign of the Sii Power Volunteers program took place. The aim of the initiative was to collect sports clothes and donate them to Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy in Łosice.

zdjecie6Workers from all Sii’s branches participated in the collection which took place in October. The gathered items were donated to children from Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy in Łosice, where children and teenagers with a range of mental disabilities, at all stages of their education are taught.
On the 29th of November, a delegation from Sii Łódź – the initiator of the project – went to Łosice to hand over the clothes to the children. The youth also had the opportunity to take part in a running training with Artur Kozłowski, Polish marathon champion, an Olympian from Rio de Janeiro, who works at Sii Łódź. Moreover, they ate dinner with the champion during which they could find more about his life.

Robotics and programming for children

zdjecie8Teaching robotics and programming is a project by Mateusz Małek, an IT Support Specialist at Sii Poznan. Mateusz has already tested the power of IT education in previous Sii Power Volunteers editions, while leading the Lofi Robots project. This initiative is all about carrying out cyclic programming and robotics workshops in the Kuniec Dymbiec Lab, and micro:bit workshops (the next edition starts soon) and scratch programming classes in Poznań.

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